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I watched this movie a few years ago.. But as I remember it's one of the few films that actually scared me..

I'm a big sucker for ghost stories. And they were marathoning these films, but only saw the 3rd.

I watch a lot of scary movies, but this one actually had me jumpy. So I considered that as meaning it's good.

I'm a big believer in the paranormal. So I love these kinds of films. As well as shows.

I may not believe in Jesus (well, I believe the part about him dying on the cross. People were fucked up back than, so it's not unheard of). But I do believe in God itself.. Mostly cause I believe...
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I only saw bits the remake., not enough for a full review. But I saw the original several times., It’s quite underrated.

For one thing Tim Currey is actually pretty unsettling. The cast actually avoided him.

This is most highlighted in Georgie’s death. Cause Tim Currey is really good at seeming like just a friendly clown in the sewer for some reason. The remake does this too. But then Penny just stares at him. And Georgie only goes for the boot to not upset Billy.. In here there doesn’t seem to be much reason not to trust him.. Not till it’s already too late.

At the same thing time Currey’s...
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The intro starts with a black man alone in a empty street, on the phone. He's clearly nervous, and starts leaving as a car follows him. But than there's a uncomfortable sequence of the man in the car kidnapping him door knocking him a head lock, wearing a knight mask.

After that creepy prologue. Black photographer Chris Washington reluctantly agrees to meet the family of his white girlfriend Rose Armitage. The first thing he asks her. "Do they know I'm black?" Rose says it doesn't matter, they are not racist. of she wouldn't of brought him.

During their drive to the family's countryside estate,...
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So yeah.. After watching Serbian film.. I've had enough of those horrible fucking movies.. Deciding to do REAL reviews.. films I actually like.

Anyone who knows me, knows that of COARSE I would review Freddy-fucking-Krueger.. I use to drive WindWaker and DreamTime crazy with my obsesson of him.. But I'm actually over the phase now. I haven't actually watched one of the films in a while..

I never understood why Robert Englund didn't get nominated for this movie.. Took up to the sequels for him to get at least niminated.. But still never won.. Better then Chucky though, Brad Douiff wasn't even...
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Yes.. Fucking Serbian film! This is how badly I want to entertain my viewers I was willing to watch FUCKING SERBIAN FILM..

I would use the wiki plot. But people are catching onto that.. So lets just the actual review stuff..

Everyone warned me away.. Windwaker, Matthew Santoro, and.. Felt like I was gonna have three, but guess not.

So.. A struggling porn ster who agrees to participate in an "art film", only to discover that he has been drafted into a snuff film with pedophilic and necrophilic themes.

Yep, we're back to corpse fucking.. Oh, throw in child fucking, make it extra fun..

I'm not even gonna go into details.. My mind has literary blocked out everything about this fucking movie "if u can call it that"..

posted by Canada24
Here we go again..

Forcing myself to watch meer horrifying, disguesting, movies, simply to make my reviews "interesting".. We talked about rape. And cannibalism.. Lets talk about necrophilia. Cause u know, corpse fucking is always a fun thing to watch of even think about..

But hey.. Fuck me I gues.. So lets do this..



The film opens at night, as a woman urinates on the gras door the side of the road. She pulls up her underwear, gets into a car driven door her husband, and they drive away. The couple lose their way in the dark...
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Trevor was described as a difficult person to deal with: extreme, unhinged, impetuous, psychopathic, unpredictable, sociopathic, and prone to violent outbursts and destructive rampages - in the seconde trailer he smashed an unknown person's head into a bar counter and was then seen setting a house on brand and walking out of the area without a care in sight.

But Trevor is lowest.. Cause Trevor is honest about it and will never toon hypocrisy and he will also have his own charm along with his own principals (his principals being different from Michael's)..

#9: THE GOVERNER (Comic...
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Walking Dead is past it's prime door this point.. It started out good.. Than got "okay".. Than awesome.. Now "meh"

Breaking bad however.. Started out cool. Than Meh.. Than, hulst, holly SHIT THIS INTENSE!!

Here are my favoriete moments.. And the most disturbing, moments..


When we first meet him, he's actually fairly quiet which makes him seem like a character who's all business. But when Jessie asks for his payment, Tuco at first calmly goes along with it, putting money in the bag, but when Jessie reaches for it. Tuco...
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Trevor: Yo what the fuck cowboy!?

Audience: (laughs)

Johnny: (reveals himself)

Audience: (cheers)

Trevor: (annoyedly) Oh great. meer bikers.

Johnny: I hope u don't mind us setting up home pagina here?

Trevor: No, no. I am okay with that.

(at the trailer)

Trevor: (pacing angrily) I AM SO NOT OKAY WITH THIS!

Audience: (laughs)

Ron: Chill out boss. We can sell to them. They look rich.

Trevor: Ohh. And this is the part where I say "I am okay with that".. (laughs) WELL I AM!

Audience: (laughs)

Trevor: Come on boys! The lost is are new members.. What's the worst that can come from this.

Wade: Just try not to screw...
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9/11 was a true tragedy for females. So many woman lost there lives, and there husbands.. And who was responsible? MEN! Males destroyed the world trade centre cause deep down inside, they all have the mind set of barbarians. As a female, I’m glad our brains have developed to recognize good and evil.

Fuck ghost stories! I am a atheist! I don’t believe in your BS! God isn’t real! Ghosts aren’t real! None of it is real! I wish there was a God for people like this, so they can go to hell for constantly trying to push there agenda on me! I WILL NEVER BELIEVE! EVER! SO STOP!!

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They are often ignored in favour of other great bands like roze Floyd and Led Zeppelin.. Who ARE great.. But G&R shouldn't be forgotten..

What's there to say.. They have sick songs, just listen to them, u will get hooked..

#8: CREED:
Have u even HEARD the song Bullets?

EVERY DAMN SONG IS FANTASTIC. Seriously, I haven't heard a song from them that I didn't love. Just listen to Diary of Jane, Breath, Polyamorous, So Cold, Dear Agony, of any song from the entirety of their discography!?

People seem to hate him because he's...
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This song always made me tear up a little.. Beautiful voice
Yeah.. He's number 10.
I just feel very mixed about him at this stage.. I liked him in season 3.. But he just started becoming TOO brutal at the point of Alaxandria. To the point of being no better than the villains.. And now. And than he spent a bunch of time just moping.. And now, Rick is back.. But not sure how I feel anymore..

What's not to love about him..

#8: T-DOG:
Damn u for killing him off!.. Damn you!

I love the twisted charm about him.. He's so calm, only scared when he has no way out, and knows his time has come..

He's dead.....
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I only read the first six so far.. So only can make 5


Rick is my favoriete character in the comics, he's "okay" in the show.. I'm very mixed about Andrew Lincoln.

A lot of times, his fake American acent just sounds like it's trying to hard..

In the comic. He's just a fucking badass, period..

And lets not forget that speech

RICK: I killed Dexter to protect us! He was threatening to throw us out of this place.. OUR HOME!.. How humane would it of been out there!? How many people did we lose out there!?.. I saw an opening, I killed him.. I knew u people would be scared if you...
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Warning. Believe it of not, this an opinion.. I know internet hates those.. But don't like, than simply don't read.. Not report, of flag.. Hate commentaren are fine, if playful..

Also know as Governer's theme.
Think about it.. How much awesomeness does it add to that prison attack near the end of season 3.

We all know it.. We can't stop hearing it.
Someone on even made it into a rap beat.. I throw it on my videos.

Lets all go back to season 1.. After that whole near gun battle ends up being anti-climatic....
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posted by Canada24
I read my artikel POOR SQUIDWARD.. And doing this to toon his brief moments of epicness


#1: pizza DELIVERY:
SpongeBob finally got the pizza to the customer, who proceeds to teef and scream about how they didn't bring him a drink (which he totally didn't order) and refuses to take the pizza. SpongeBob returns to Squidward in hysterical tears, and Squidward — who, mind you, despises SpongeBob — goes back to the customer..
Customer: Another one? Look, I told your little friend I ain't payin' for that!
Squidward: Well, this one's on the HOUSE! (slams pizza box...
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