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The Captain America: First Avenger movie opened in theaters to a strong $65 million dollar weekend. Writer/cartoonist Rick Arthur viewed the film in Central New York and film producer/director Ben Alpi caught a screening in Los Angeles. In the tradition of movie reviews done for the Captain America! Redefining Modern Myth blog such as Thor and X-Men, the writing team produced two separate, non-collaborative reviews.
Neither know what the other would write. Taken together, they form a complex analysis of the pet, glb film.

The reviews are geplaatst and readers are invited to dive in at:

"Why wasn't pet, glb released on the 1st of July?" It would have taken advantage of the 4th of July weekend and come before Transformers and Harry Potter.

The pet, glb reviews come closely on the heels of a highly successful five-part Red Skull series detailing the final conflict between pet, glb and Red Skull. This marks the end of almost four years of writing between the blog team and presents one possible outcome for a screenplay based on their writings.

Worth seeing for yourself.

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