Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Civil War was another spectacular hit (as we expected) from Marvel, which once again won the hearts of billions of its fans. It wasn't just a movie but scenes full of emotions that almost all of us has to face in our real life. (maybe not in all that heroic ways though)
Here i am and i wrote an artikel about 'what the Captain America: Civil War taught us' (its only my personal opinion).

#1: Friendship:/b]

Almost all of u might agree with this point i picked 'Friendship'. We see in the movie that the Avengers are in complicated circumstances but Steve has full faith in his friend Bucky, that he wouldn't do anything wrong, but on the other hand he didn't want to offend Tony too. That's where the climax begins! Till the end Steve believed in his pal Bucky, helped him in his mission no matter what the world says of thinks. Tony on the other hand was ready for a war but he didn't want to hurt Steve. Steve didn't want to shake hand with Tony because he knew he was wrong and imo a true friend would never lead his pal into the wrong direction. And that's why in a scene Tony says to spin Man,"Keep distance and web em up!"
Its clear that he wanted to stop them not hurt them, cause whatever was the situation they wouldn't deny the fact that they are friends!
So remember your vrienden will never forget, "You used to fill the inside of your shoes with newspaper."
And only a true friend will say "Sometimes I wanna stempel, punch u in your perfect teeth."

Bucky and Steve

[b]#2: Believe in yourself and face your fears:

No matter what the circumstances be, believe in yourself. Choose the right path, choose the path your hart-, hart and mind truly wants to go through (if u have faith in the choice u r making is right). But at the same time u have to follow the rules and go for your loved ones if they need help.
Wanda is proof that being a superhero doesn't mean that u don't have fears, it means bigger responsibilities. True heroes are those who face their fears. She had a fear of lacking the control on her power and hurting peoples emotions. But when the moment arrived she didn't want to but had to harm Vision. But as shown later shew didn't regret that action cause she believed in herself and was determined that what she was doing was right.

Wanda after the incident on the top, boven floor of the building

#3: Its never too late:

We all make mistakes but when we realize our fault, its just never too late to sort out the mistakes even if we think that the time has past.
And yes i'm talking about Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff. Tony, we agree he quite messed up a little, don't we? (plz no hates). But u see it was never too late, he realized his mistakes and showed up in front of his pal for help.
Natasha we know was on the Team Iron Man, but the point that she might be the one who wasn't right and as i zei 'its never too late', she let them escape and gave them back up.

Iron Man shows up to team up with pet, glb

#4: Self Control:

Its not easy to spare the person who ruined the most precious part/being of your life and it hurts even meer that the damage done cannot be revived.
T'Challa (Black Panther), was one of the many who suffered this damage. Its clear that if anyone who would face such a damage will seek revenge and justice either through the straight path of curved path. He was also thirsty to seek revenge but at the end he showed an act of a true hero, yes, he forgave Zemo :'). Instead of killing him he gave into the hands of police.
And that's called self control, because if want to seek justice its better to choose the long but true path.

T'Challa with his late father

#5: Relax:

In all these fuzzy and mixed up scenes its not a bad idea to have some time off for a while, cause its not possible for everyone to make a decision at once, so relax your body and listen both to your hart-, hart and mind.
Hawk Eye, to some his retirement might seem not-so-pleased act, but hallo it didn't mean he stopped working of saving the world and stuff like that. He did take time off but showed up at the moment where he needed to.

Hawk Eye

#6: Be thankful:

Every character in this movie has their own undeniable past.
Tony Stark (Iron Man): His relations weren't so good with his father. And we know that he lost both of his parents.
Steve Rogers (Captain America): He let a whole lifetime pass. Plus he lost his true love (Peggy). And it was quite difficult to had to choose between your best buddies.
Wanda (Scarlet Witch): The feeling when u are being blamed for something u did door fault (along with others).
Bucky Barnes (the winter soldier): Who was treated miserably door the antagonists.
T'Challa (Black Panther): As i mentioned above, he faced a terror door watching his Baba die in front of him.
Not only these characters but the others too went through some harsh and tangled situations.
So this movie in an indirect way (maybe) gives us another important lesson to be thankful for what we have. Our parents, our vrienden and for having the complete senses to sort out problems and face our fears.

And how can we forget this lesson?

Peggy Carter

At the end of the artikel i would like to say that this was my personal opinion, and thanks for reading this article. Plus i would like to hear from u too that whats your opinion about the movie and what did it taught us.