L7 and Eo wondered who is slender man the one Eo claimed was real and was right!!! So no need to tell who slender is now.
Let's begin. Oh L7 u *kiss* fuck me zei Eo. L7 knows his cock is going to be painful so he says.....*kiss* no I don't want to hurt u because your ezel hurts so I'll do it tomorrow. Fuck u L7 I had enough of your bullshit all u do is say I'll do it tomorrow and u don't do it so fuck you!!!!!!!. Hello boys an unknown voice whispered. A blank white emotionless face popped up. This person had a black suit but had a red tie also had long,
long tentacles wiggling towards them. Then a loathing hatred evil smile came on his face pointy lines on his mouth and a very long wiggly red toungh redder than mars and Eo's ezel it looked like blood but it wasn't. Then they hear creepy muziek and voices saying slender man twice then doing a new verse then going back to the course. Eo and L7 passed out and saw a messed up vision like a tv that doesn't work vision. L7 please wake up Eo!!!!!!!ball said. Commander ball!!! Eo and L7 zei they both hugged him from saving them. I knew he was real, I just knew it. Bragged Eo. But slender man is still out there boys so please stay in the house. Ok they both zei and they went to sleep in their bed rooms. Wait of pt 4 will come tomorrow.
Eo in fear of slender
L7 is curious of slender not in fear