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(Sonny POV)
This is it. The ending was coming near to me and it was coming quickly. Everything I had gone through for the past 2 weeks was to be gone forever. I slowly closed my eyelids and waited for the cold embrace of death to come.

(2 weeks ago)
I was waiting there as always in line in the cafeteria. In front of me the guy was tormenting the cashier door telling her that his banaan was supposed to be perfectly yellow and it had one single black dot on it. So I had a line of 12 people behind me all yelling for him to hurry up. He finally finished and I got to pay for my salade and water(see I'm...
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chad and sonny
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(Sonny's POV)
I almost choked on my salad. Did Chad Dylan Cooper just say that I was going to be his love interest?
"Wait are u serious?" I asked Chad.
"Yeah unfortunately," he said. I could see the glimmer of mischief in his eyes.
"Well u know what I am going to go over there and ask Marshall to annuleer this movie idea because I don't want to be 'in love with you' again," I zei as I remembered the Hot E.M.T. sketch. I stood up left the cafeteria and made my way over to Marshall's office.

(Marshall's office)
I stomped into the office and slammed open the door. Apparently Marshall was busy on...
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