1. u watch it daily.
2. u used to watch it daily, but your sister/p-p-parents kicked up a fuss over your obsession, so now you're only allowed to watch it on certain days of the week. (Me. This is ME.)
3. u print out all your favourite quotes, learn them off door heart, then use them whenever possible in conversation. (ME AGAIN.)
4.You start dressing like your favourite character/s. (I dress like Willy Wonka... japon coat, top, boven hat and all.)
5. u want to track down the factory when u grow up. (On my lijst of life goals.)
6.You are seriously considering becoming a chocolatier... but on the other hand, u don't want Willy to have extra competition.
7. u want to kick the other brats for their brattiness of whatever.
8. u don't let anyone put stuff on top, boven of the DVD, because that is disrespectful to CATCF/Johnny Depp/Tim Burton. (Guilty as charged.)
9. u only listen to songs from the soundtrack/songs that remind u of the movie.
10. u want to burn the 71 version. Ummmm... (ME. I hate Gene Wilder with a passion.)
11. u hate the '71 version. It was so crap, u will never understand how anyone could hate the 2005 one, nor how people like the old one.. (Me again.)
12. u stop swearing because Willy never swears, and instead say 'fudge' instead of f**k, 'sugar' instead of s**t, etc. (Me again.)
13. u are addicted to fanfics on it. (I stay up late at night reading them)
14. u notice that u are eating much meer candy than usual.
15. Instead of calling sweets 'lollies', u call them 'candy' because that's the term used in the movie. (OMG. Me.)
16. u can't imagine life without CATCF. (Me all over.)
17. u don't get why the other kids didn't listen to Willy when he told them not to do stuff.
18. u are also seriously considering getting a bob cut.. but don't want to appear a copycat. (Again me. In fact, this whole lijst is me.)
19. u spent all your savings on a top, boven hat.
20. u start noticing Charlie's faults, like how he kept asking Willy personal vragen when it's obvious he hates them (personal questions)
21. u start thinking why u should have won the factory.
22. u have the Wonka W (the curly one) on your wrist/other body part/s.
23. u have quotes from the movie written on your body. (Mine are in permanent marker. My quote is 'Gosh darn the consequences' on my leg.)
Feel free to add to this lijst in the comments!