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u know its so weird but the vilainesses for these films can be stunningly good looking and here are the ones I think are pretty

The Evil Queen from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She looks very nice but she'd be beautiful if she smiled but...

Mother Gothel from "Tangled"
She has a thick head of beautiful hair and smooth skin and such a teasing smile

But I like the others looks more

Hermanita from "El Cid La Leyenda"
yeah u probably don't know this movie and so have no idea who this is but I though she was so pretty that she simply had to make it on this list. I mean u don't even see her hair for 90% of her on screen time and she still managed to get on this list. she was a nice villain and has a nice smile and i like her eyes!

URSULA! from "The Little mermaid"

IN HER VANESSA FORM!! because in her regular form she barely makes it as a cuteish fat lady. what can I say that hasn't been said? a smirk hidden on the left corner of her lips, wide eyes, hair that waves. very pretty

The Snow Queen from "Snow Queen."
yeah another one u probably don't know but other than her eyebrows almost joyousely meeting in the middle she is beautiful but almost on the sam level as the evil queen but with one huge difference. she smiles and when she does she is stunning. google afbeeldingen wouldn't cough a foto of her smiling though so u must be satisfied with this foto for now.


ERIS "Sinbad: legend of the seven seas"
what can i say? she is beautiful. mishevious eyes, pouty lips and hair so wonderful it makes me jelly. and she looks beautiful with every expression!

there u go 1 human who read this.
sorry for the pics being at the end I can't control where they go but hope u like!

((and if u could commentaar how to control where the pics go I'd be much obliged))
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