Often the villains are drawn to look very unattractive in contrast with the hero and heroine's great beauty. But there are always some exceptions rules, especially the with the women. Yes villainesses are sometimes drawn to be stunning, which in some ways makes them even scarier.

This lijst is not my personal opinion. Some members of FanPop took part in this countdown and gave me their top, boven 10 most beautiful villainesses . If it was first on somebody’s list, I gave it 10 points, seconde place it got 9, and so on.

Honorable Mentions
(tied)12. Jaqueline -13pts
(tied)12. Catwoman -13pts
(tied)12. Hollie Would - 13pts
(tied)11. Carmen Sandiego -14pts
(tied)11. Emma Frost -14pts

10.Maleficent- Sleeping Beauty

17 points

She's a bit of a different looking villainess. She's not the classic of traditional beauty door any means, but in a way that's part of her charm. Because despite the fact that she has green skin and huge horns, she still manages to have very elegant look to her. u might say she looks a little like a sexy she-devil.

9/8. Evil Queen- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (tied)

30 points

I can't say I'm at all surprised to see the she made it into the top, boven ten. I mean, she is the seconde fairest in the land after all. She was obviously intended to look very beautiful, since her beauty was seconde alone to Snow White's. She has a very mature, elegant beauty; which likely intended to contrast Snow White's cute, girlish beauty. Some people have even zei she was meer beautiful than Snow White.

9/8. Poison Ivy- Batman: the Animated Series (tied)

30 points

She's much meer of a modern looking beauty, than many of the others on the list. She is a very stunning, natural beauty. But at the same time she a sexy, seductive look to her. She's obviously designed this way because she often manipulates men.

7. Shego- Kim Possible

32 points

Like all the characters in the show, Kim Possible, she's drawn in a very unique style, and doesn't look at all realistic. Despite her lack of realism she still looks very, beautiful. Some might even argue that it adds to her beauty.

6. Princess Azula- Avatar: the Last Airbender

33 points

Likely the youngest beauty on the list. She's also the only anime one. She has very unique look to her. Because, she's interesting mix of elegance and girlish beauty.

5. Mother Gothel- Tangled

35 points

I'm not very surprised she made the top, boven ten, since she was obsessed with keeping herself young a beautiful. She's a much meer realistic beauty, than the others on the list. While some might say making realistic her makes her less beautiful and just plain, many think that it adds to her beauty.

4. Helga Sinclair- Atlantis: the Lost Empire

43 points

She has a has a very stunning and sexy, yet dangerous look to her. Some might argue that the dangerousness to her just adds, to the sexiness. As they say on the Disney Wiki, she was designed to be a femme fatale.

3. Fake Odette- The zwaan-, zwaan Princess

63 points

I'm not at all surprised that the villainess, disguised as a heroine made it this far. She was obviously intended to have a classic beauty to her. Since she's disguised as a princess trying to get a prince to marry her.

2. Vanessa- The Little Mermaid

75 points

Another gorgeous disguise. She has some what of a classic "Disney Princess" beauty to her. But at the same time she is very sexy, much meer so than most of Disney heroines. She was likely designed this way so she could manipulate Eric, but at the same time look somewhat like Ariel (the girl who saved him).

1. Eris- Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

109 points

Of course the goddess would be number one. There's nothing at all natural about her looks. Being a deity she has very stunning, supernatural beauty to her. And she's also very seductive and sexy looking. She was obviously designed this way since she's the goddess of chaos, and one of the ways she creates her chaos is manipulating men.