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How do u feel about sin in this World?

 kicksomebut23 posted een jaar geleden
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loveofdelena said:
i really dont like it. but what can u do, its human nature. it is what it is. sin is terrible, but it was put there for a reason, sin is needed to balance the scales throughout our lives, and in a way, catalyst for us, being able to rediscover ourselves, we all make terrible discitions in our lives, and sin is there to help us learn ands grow. if everyone lived a martryes life, then we would never evolve as people. and in spiritual growth.
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posted een jaar geleden 
and we would never know spiritual growth.
loveofdelena posted een jaar geleden
u will have to excuse me. my writing is terrible.
loveofdelena posted een jaar geleden
ShadowFan100 said:
How do I feel? It sucks!

Because of Sin, it has destroyed the beautiful planet that God had made, and now look at it!

Ever since the stupid, evil humans took control, the Earth has become filled with so much evil, death and destruction. And its all their damn fault!

Humans couldn't care less about what they've done to this world and its not getting any better.

When are u coming back, Jesus? WHEN? Please hurry--I'm sick of this world.
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posted een jaar geleden 
agreed. its terrible. but at least there are a few decent people out there who still love and care for this amazing creation. so not all hope is lost...
loveofdelena posted een jaar geleden
ElsaFrozen said:
Get an abortion (Yes, Christians are the number-one customers!)
Not abstain from the appearance of evil (Christians don’t like Goodfellas of the Sopranos?)
Accuse others (Christians are always accusing others, just look at the right wing)
Not acknowledge iniquity (By being anti-gay, they’re breaking this!)
Commit adultery (50% of all marriages ending in divorce says somebody’s cheatin’)
Look at a woman with lust (Umm, bier ads? Sports Illustrated Swimsuit? Hello!)
Be afraid of people (So, Christians don’t fear robbers of rapists?)
Have unjustified anger (Nobody’s ever been in a bad mood, huh?)
Be angry with your brother (Yeah, brothers never fight!)
Be anxious (Well, explain the shrinks and billion-dollar Xanax industry)
Argue (Seriously? Arguing is a sin against God! Name the person who doesn’t sin)
Arrogance (Hey, just believing your religion is the right one is arrogant)
Be ashamed (We’re getting into “LOL” territory here, but anyway…)
Commit assault (It’s not just atheists filling those court dockets!)
Believe astrology (Again, it’s not atheists buying those horoscopes)
Babble vainly (Any cocksure “I’m the best” stuff qualifies)
Back-bite (Ever speak behind someone’s back? Sinner!)
Baptized before accepting Jesus (Every baptized baby ever…sinners all!)
Bitterness (Yes, if you’re upset over something, u have sinned against God)
Not bless those who curse u (If u get a FU from someone, u sin unless u say thanks)
Not bless persecutors (If u get falsely accused of something, again, u must say thanks)
Eat blood (Do u like rare steaks? Well, the bad news is you’re going to hell)
Boasting (Oh, u want to toon off your collection? Try it in hell, buddy!)
Judge (If u form opinions about someone, good of bad, u have sinned)
Not feed the hungry (If u don’t voluntarily feed the hungry, u are sinning)
Not shelter the homeless (If u don’t invite homeless into your home, u are sinning)
Not visiting prisoners (If u don’t visit inmates, u are sinning)
Not receive sick children (If u don’t take in sick children, u are sinning)
Touch! (That’s right, Scooter. If u even so much as touch God’s servants, u have sinned)
Be a busybody (Not really sure what this means, but if you’re active, you’re a sinner)
Be carnal (You like to be horny and have good sex? See how u like hell, mister!)
Not have charity (If you’re not giving to charity, you’re a sinner)
Not spank a disobedient child (You read that right; u are supposed to beat unruly children, and to not do so is a sin against God!)
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posted een jaar geleden 
teenager4jesus1 said:
I don't like sin of he world the bible tells me to fear the Lord and depart from evil and to fear the Lord means to hate evil, u should read proverbs 3:5-6 and 1john
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posted een jaar geleden 
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