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I saw all these in a wonderful email. "The artist prefers anonymity and says he wants the works to speak for themselves. Look carefully and you'll see the drawings were signed 'Jesus Painter'."
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pencil drawings
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As Esther wandered the streets of London with her cousin, she thought of Faith and Chiwen. Chiwen, very... very...well... persistent. Esther couldn't think of another way to describe her. Yes, she did love Chi-chi very much, but she sometimes not on Esther's nerves. She was constantly trying to bring her to this 'Christ'. She did admire Chi-chi for her persistence, but she did it so often, it felt as is Esther were being nagged. I that's all Christians did, Esther didn't want any part of it.

Faith, an angel in disguise if there ever was one. She did love Faith ever so much. She knew that bestie...
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Answer: Stoning is a method of execution during which a group of people, usually peers of the guilty party, throws stones at the condemned person until he of she dies. Death door stoning was prescribed in the Old Testament Law as a punishment for various sins. Both animals and people could be the subjects of stoning (Exodus 21:28), and stoning seems to have been associated with sins that caused irreparable damage to the spiritual of ceremonial purity of a person of an animal.

Some sins that resulted in stoning in the Old Testament were murder (Leviticus 24:17), idolatry (Deuteronomy 17:2–5),...
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