Christmas Hi Newbie To Fanpop I Have A Vraag

sassyblondeinwa posted on Dec 05, 2009 at 05:58AM
maybe its because i signed in on the christmas show link.. but im not finding answers.. how do you make the screen full size..??? is there any stuff about making fanpop easier to use or info on how to use it? thanks and happy holidays.. sassy

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een jaar geleden harold said…
I'm not sure what you mean about "full size", but there is the link (a series of articles about how to use some of the features on Fanpop), the link (which is dedicated for discussing how Fanpop works), the link (where you can meet many other people who are also often willing to help), and the link (which has a lot of new spam in it at the moment, but is supposed to be for helping new users get acclimated to the site). You may feel free to ask me any questions about how to use the site; I'll try to answer them or find someone who can answer them better if I can't.

Just a thought: if the screen isn't full-size, do you mean that there's a small border all the way around the content area of the site? There's no way to get rid of that, unfortunately: that border exists so that we users can see the "wallpaper" ads that the Fanpop staff inserts behind the content. At the moment, it's an ad for the film Iron Man 2.