Christmas Please message me if u know the name of this old christmas cartoon of somewhere I can find out!

abbyjo108 posted on Dec 03, 2010 at 09:41PM
When I was child there was an old christmas movie I would watch every year during the holidays that I loved. For years I've been trying to figure out the name of this movie, as it holds a lot of memories for me growing up. Both my mother and grandmother cant remember, and have no idea where it could be if it still somewhere in our possession. I'm 25, and used to watch it when I was under 8. It came in it's own hard cardboard cover, and in color, as well as the movie in color too. To the best of my memory, it seemed the characters appeared of the victorian age. (like in the "little women") I remember the main character being a young girl. I remember them stringing popcorn as garland on the christmas tree. I remember the little girl got sick with what I think was pneumonia. And that the dad went away while she was sick to get a doll she had been wanting for christmas. I believe she had a sibling, a younger brother I think? As I said this is just what I remember, some details could be different. I've been searching for the name of this movie for years, please let me know if you know anything or know of somewhere or some person who may! Thank you!

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een jaar geleden Atypical_Kate said…
It's very similar to movie I watched . The tittle was The Angel Doll. maybe it'll help you :) I hope so :)