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posted by Mollymolata
I nicked it from link and add Sissi and William too.

Odd Della Robbia
[] u are a flirt.
[] u are very artistic.
[] u see the life as a game.
[] u make jokes about everything.
[] Purple.
[] u have a odd sense of fashion.
[ ] Your feet stink.
[] u eat a lot.
[] u love potatoes.
[] u like animals.

Jeremie Belpois
[] You're good at school
[] u are very intelligent. (Only not in Maths -_-)
[] u are a computer wizard.
[] u dislike P.E.
[] u are the leader of your group.
[ ] u have a picture of Einstein.
[] u are on top, boven of your class. (2nd best)
[] u want to help people who are in danger.
[ ] u sleep in PJs.
[ ] u know how to build robots.

Ulrich Stern
[ ] u know martial arts.
[] u are grumpy.
[] u are a bit shy about your feelings.
[ ] u have difficulties in school.
[x ] u are good at soccer.
[ ] When u are embarassed u don't want to be with people.
[ ] u have vertigo.
[] u take your time with people before u open up to them

Yumi Ishiyama
[] u are meer mature than your friends.
[] u like to dress in black.
[ ] u like Totoro.
[] u are very proud of your culture.
[] u understand people well.
[ ] u don't like bugs.
[ ] u are sometimes a bit stiff.
[] Your humour is sarcastic and ironic.
[ ] u know martial arts.
[] People trust you.

Aelita Schaeffer
[ ] u are a bit naïve.
[] u can be witty sometimes.
[] u have odd somewhat-psychic abilities.
[ ] Pink
[] u are very smart.
[] u are kind.
[] u love music.
[] u are very familiar with computers.
[] u have a doll of a plushie that is very dear to you.
[ ] u can play the piano.

William Dunbar
[] u are romantic
[] u are rebellious
[] u are a bad boy
[] u are the nice guy
[] u are friendzoned
[] u aren't shy about to toon your feelings
[] u are brave
[] u are mature
[] u have an athlete body stature

Sissi Delmas
[] u are a brat
[] u are pretty
[] u are an Alpha Bitch
[] u hate your name
[] u got a crush since the pre-school on someone
[] Your father is the Principal of your School