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posted by trentgwenfan1
cindy1310 hot and dangerous if your one of us then role with us
cooleo cuz we make the hipeters fall in luv
uesablis when we got r hot pants on and off
trentgwenfan1 yes ofcores we dose were runing this towm just like a club and no u don't want 2 mess with us got jesuss on r neckluss us us
usesablis got that gliter on my i
cindy1310 stuff is riped on the sid
trentgwenfan1 looking good and sexy fid
cooleo so lets go go go
ALL lets go tonight were going hard hared hared just like the world is ares ares ares ares were taring it apart a aa artert u know were TXG fans we r who we r
ALL were danceing...
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