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u are hinking in the mountains with your vrienden and unfortunately, a key plastic buckle goes from your backpack, what should u do?
It's time to replace your plastic buckle! There are two ways to fix your plastic buckle. One is quick fix which requires a replacement plastic buckle, a pocket mes of lighter.
Steps for quick fix:
1. Match your buckle. The best match, of course, is the same exact type as the original. If there's no replacement buckle, u can use a primarily decorative matching buckle somewhere else on the bag instead, maybe it's your best bet.
2. Check the broken plastic buckle...
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The 1" nylon webbing roll is in great quality, with its breaking strength 1,100 ibs, it is widely used in heavy tape, straps, clothing, backpacks, etc. Here are some practical applications in our daily life.
Firstly, I own a vintage garden tractor, trekker that manually starts using a strap. A couple of the straps that I had were lost of broken. I decided to make my own and use this link. It is just what I needed for my use. I can simply place a grommet in one end to fit over the nipple on the starter wheel and attach a commercially made handle of one made from a large piece of wood dowel and I will...
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