Afew hours later, the team was on the plane headed back to the BAU. Spencer sat in his zitplaats, stoel thinking about the sleep-therapy options. "I suggest u see a sleep therapist when u get back from Chattanooga." his mother's quote echoed. Spencer put his face in his hands. *I know I need to see a sleep therapist.* he thought. "You OK Spence?" JJ asked. Spencer jumped. "I'm fine." he answered. "You don't seem fine." JJ stated. Spencer sighed.

"I've been having these nightmares about past events and, I don't know what to do!" he furiously confessed. "Have u told anyone?" JJ asked as she sat down across from him. "Derek." Spencer answered. "Anyone else?" JJ asked. "Hotch and my mother." Spencer answered in annoyance. He looked away from JJ out the window. JJ put her hand on Spencer's.

"I'm only trying to help you." she zei in a soft tone. "You're not the first one, Jennifer Jareau." Spencer replied losing his patience. JJ was shocked he called her door her real name. Spencer saw the shock on her face and felt guilty. "I'm sorry, JJ." he apologized. JJ quietly accepted his apology and took his hand. "Don't worry about this. Everything WILL work out. I just know it." she comforted. Spencer looked at her.

"I know." he zei simply. He got up and went to clear his head. Just when he was about to get himself a bottle of water, he heard Penelope's voice. "How's Spencer?" she asked through Derek's phone. Derek sighed. "Not so good." he answered sadly. "Aww. I hate that he's going through another one of his phases." Penelope replied in a saddened tone of her own.

Spencer cleared his throat loudly enough for Derek to hear. He looked at Spencer alittle bit startled. "Let me call u back, Baby Girl." he zei and hung up. "Reid, what the f*** was that all about?" he asked defending Penelope. "Whoa whoa whoa Derek, you're going alittle off your rocker." Blake stated as she heard him swear. Derek rolled his eyes. Spencer sighed again.

"To answer Derek's question, I didn't like what I was hearing." Spencer stated. "Oh my God Reid, she was just askin' about you!" Derek snarled. Blake put her book down. "That's enough Derek! Quit taking this out of proportion!" she scolded. Derek let out a furious sigh. JJ saw the whole thing and walked up to Spencer. "C'mon." she zei in a quiet tone as she led him back to their seats. As an emotional Spencer sat down, he closed his eyes trying to forget everything.