Afew days after the BAU had gotten back from Chattanooga, Spencer finally went to see a sleep therapist. Doctors gave him some tips on hot to handle the nightmares if they ever occurred again. Luckily, Spencer hadn't had one single nightmare since seeing the sleep therapist! The only dreams he had were good dreams. Some dreams he didn't remember, but that was alright. He really began thanking himself for taking that extra step. And his loved ones for supporting him in doing so.

Spencer awoke on a bright sunny morning and the first thing that he remembered was Blake's birthday. *It's Blake's birthday today.* he thought as he was just waking up. "Ah crap, I forgot to get her a gift!" he zei to himself angrily. As he got dressed and left his apartment, he went straight to a local drug store and got her a teddy beer and a gift card. *I hope that this'll do.* he thought as he got to the BAU. "Reid, you're just in time!" Hotch acknowledged. "Good!" Spencer sighed in relief.

Blake wasn't at the BAU yet. Strangely enough, she was told to come late. Spencer placed his gifts neatly on the table. "You better hide! She'll be here any minute!" JJ pointed out. "I thought we told her to come late." Spencer replied in a confused matter. "We did. And she's about to arrive." JJ stated. She and Spencer hid in a certain spot when they saw Derek leading her to the office. Hotch, Rossi, and Penelope soon joined them quickly.

As the door opened, Spencer and the rest of the shouted "SURPRISE!". Blake had a big smile on her face. "You guys are too good to me!" she beamed. "We wanted to do alittle somethin' for u when we got back from Chattanooga." Derek stated. Blake spotted her gifts. "You guys even bought me some gifts? u shouldn't have!" she beamed again. "We wanted to though." Spencer replied.

"Thank u all so much!" Blake zei joyfully. She soon opened her gifts. She loved all of them. "I hope that'll do." Spencer zei in a sorry tone. "It's perfect!" Blake replied ecstatically. The team soon sang "Happy Birthday" to her. When they were digging into the cake, Derek wanted to have a private word with Spencer.

"Listen, I just wanted to apologize about how I acted towards u on the plane afew days ago." he confessed. "I'm sorry for the way I reacted on the plane." Spencer replied. "No need to owe ME an apology kid." Derek stated. "You were just a bit self-conscious." he continued. "Speakin' of which, how have u been doin' with your sleep?" he asked. "I've been making progress." Spencer answered. Derek smiled. "Let's go celebrate." he replied. Spencer smiled as they walked back to the celebration area. Things were now looking up for Spencer. And looking epic.