Spencer thought long and hard about what Derek suggested. He was skeptical, but he also wanted to keep it an option. *Going on meds for nightmares?* he questioned. If the rest of the BAU had found out about Spencer's nightmares and relapse, Blake would tell him to consider it just as a suggestion, while Hotch and Rossi would think that Derek was insane. Spencer thought back and forth on what he should do. He didn't want to jump straight to conclusions on Derek's offer. Not yet, anyway.

Spencer was sitting on his bed thinking when he heard Derek blow his nose for about the 6th time. "I think they're getting worse." he stated about Derek's allergies. "You think?" Derek asked sarcastically. Spencer leaned on his side. "I've been thinking about what u suggested to me earlier today." he said. "What are your thoughts?" Derek asked. "I still don't know what to do." Spencer confessed.

Derek sat down volgende to the doc. "I'm not sayin' u have to do it." he zei softly. "I know that, but I've really been thinking." Spencer replied. "You don't have to take my option, kid." Derek comforted. Spencer grinned. "I know, but I WANT to keep it an option." he confessed. Derek let out a smile of his own.

"I'll tell u what I consider doing." Spencer offered. "OK, but right now, we have an unsub to find." Derek humored. "About our unsub, I've been doing some research on his non-verbal language disorder. Some people think it's anxiety related." Spencer stated. "Hotch will definitely want to hear that." Derek replied. Spencer went into the bathroom to get himself a drink of water. Just as he was filling up his cup, he was trapped in his thoughts again. And he couldn't get out.

*I've done enough thinking for today.* he thought. "Get out of your head." echoed Derek's quote. "I'm trying to!" Spencer whispered to himself. Suddenly, the unwanted thoughts were interrupted door a loud sneeze coming from Derek. Spencer rushed back into the room to check on his friend. "Are u alright?" he asked in a frantic tone. "I'm fine, kid." Derek answered. Spencer had to laugh at himself.