Later that night, Spencer had another not so gruesome nightmare. He was in an alley way that looked like a street-related fight zone. *Since when am I in an alley way?* he asked himself. He never dreamt of himself being in such places. Suddenly, he saw a man who looked vaguely familiar. It was Maeve's ex-fiancé! "ROBERT!" Spencer called out in alarm.

"Dr.Reid!" Robert returned. "Robert, I know I was a bit of a creep to you, but..." Spencer stopped short. Robert just smiled. "I get it. u were only being protective of Maeve." he zei kindly. Spencer didn't know what to say. "After seeing what u did for her, u were probably better than I was." Robert admitted. "Don't think like that." Spencer replied.

"I know I shouldn't be thinking like that, but from seeing how u protected Maeve is pretty remarkable." Robert confessed. "Thank you." Spencer thanked speechless. Robert nodded in reply. "Let's put it this way-Maeve loved both of us." Spencer suggested. "That's true." Robert realized. "She still cared about you, Robert. Even when she was in danger." Spencer pointed out. "She probably had meer of a thing for you, because after all, you're both geniuses!" Robert joked. Spencer laughed.

It was long before Robert's spirit faded away. As the "real" Spencer awoke, he realized this was only a dream. A good dream! Spencer saw the closure he long needed after Maeve's death. "I can't believe I talked to Maeve's ex-fiancé!" he whispered. He looked out the window as the sun was just beginning to rise. He then looked over at Derek. Derek was dead asleep and snoring slightly.

Spencer took a sip of his water as he thought about talking to Robert in his dream. "I think I should consider this a good dream instead of a bad one." he muttered. "Yeah." he muttered again after thinking properly. About an uur later, the new Jake Owen single "Days Of Gold" blared out as the alarm went off. Spencer did his job of hitting the snooze button as Derek covered his head up with a spare pillow. "Can u reset it?" Derek asked very hoarsely. "Why?" Spencer asked in protest.

"I didn't sleep much last night." Derek answered. While Spencer was sleeping, Derek had a bad night. He was up half the time blowing his nose and coughing. "If you're not feeling well, I'm sure Hotch would let u take the dag off." Spencer stated understandingly and realizing what was going on. "I'm still goin' in." Derek replied. "Suit yourself." Spencer replied as he reset the alarm for Derek and Derek only. Spencer wanted to get a head-start.

As Spencer got ready, he saw Hotch already there. "Hotch, what are u doing here?" he asked. "I thought I'd give u guys a lift today." Hotch answered. "Thank you." Spencer thanked. Derek let out another bad cough. "YOU are not coming to work today." Hotch directed sternly as he heard the cough. "Come on, Hotch!" Derek hoarsely pleaded. "You're not working today, Derek." Hotch scolded. Derek snorted in defeat as he lied back down. Spencer hid some quiet laughs as he and Hotch walked out the door.