On the way back to the BAU, Hotch and Derek were discussing their plan to intervene with Strauss about her drinking problem. They had to be quiet though, because she was only about 4 feet away from them. "We need to make sure the rest of the team doesn't find out." Hotch stated very clearly. Derek nodded. "We also need to make sure the director doesn't find out. If that happens, all 3 of us will get fired in a heartbeat." Derek replied. Hotch glanced over at Strauss, who was looking over a case of files. "I agree." Hotch said.

He had a look of remorse. "What is it Hotch?" Derek asked. "Derek, I should've listened to you. I regret that I didn't." Hotch answered about not believing Derek. "It wasn't your fault, Hotch." Derek replied in a comforting way. "Thank you." Hotch thanked. Derek nodded in acceptance. "What the hell do we do if this plan fails?" he asked.

"I won't let that happen." Hotch answered thinking straight. "We better have a damn good plan then." Derek replied with a hint of nervousness in his voice. "Don't worry." Hotch reassured. He and Derek looked over at Spencer and Emily, who were reading. Their glances soon fell on JJ, who was looking out the window. They finally glanced over at Rossi, who was looking at something on a tablet. "We're only protecting the team." Hotch stated to make Derek feel better.

"I know." Derek replied. "Derek, I know you're scared. I am too." Hotch confessed. Derek looked confused. "I'm not scared, Hotch." he said. Hotch gave a "You're lying." look. "Ok, maybe alittle bit." Derek finally told. "Everything is going to be fine." Hotch reassured again.

"I'll make sure she gets checked into rehab privately." Derek vowed. "You do that. We'll also make sure the director and the rest of the team don't know." Hotch vowed. The 2 nodded in agreement. Hotch went back to his zitplaats, stoel as Derek wrapped his arms around a sleeping Penelope. The 2 wanted to get back to the BAU as soon as possible. But for now, they needed to relax and act like nothing happened. Hotch went on to look at a file himself as Derek drifted off into a deep sleep.

A couple hours later, the gang was finally back at the BAU. "We're back." Hotch said. Derek woke up a mere seconde later. He stretched out before getting his things. "First, let's let everyone else get settled." Hotch instructed. Derek agreed. Hotch walked off the plane. "Is everything OK?" Penelope asked. "Everything's fine sweetness." Derek answered. The two followed Hotch off the plane as they got their things. All Hotch and Derek wanted to do was help their section chief and do it now.