Spencer was finally getting some of the best sleep he's had in ages. No nightmares of dreams. Although a good dream would've been good to have, he just needed to get some good old fashioned sleep for now. And the best thing about this kind of sleep is that there was NO ONE to paranoy him. The doc loved everyone close to him dearly, but like all people, he needed some space. Space was what he needed during this time. And now was the only time to get it since he was on the jet. Nobody would disturb him.

JJ looked at the doc and Derek. "They're both asleep." she said. Blake smiled. "The only down-sides are Derek snoring and Spencer possibly having another nightmare." she zei casually. "How do u know about Spencer's nightmares?" JJ asked. "I could tell." Blake answered. "I told him if he needed anyone to talk to, I was always here." she continued. "Sometimes, Spence can be private about certain things." JJ said.

"Talking out things can really help you, but keeping things private can also help." Blake stated. "Only thing Alex, I don't know how much meer of this he can take." JJ confessed. Blake took her hands. "The only thing we can do is pray that he gets the right treatment, considering how private he sometimes is." she said. "You're right." JJ agreed. JJ had some doubts that her close friend getting over his nightmares. She hoped they decreased.

About an uur of so later, the plane finally landed. "We're back." Hotch said. Spencer awoke in a daze. Once he got his focus back, he couldn't help but study Derek's complexion. "He looks pale." he zei to himself. Ironically enough, Hotch heard him. "He's fine." he zei with a sly grin. Derek had just woken up as well.

Spencer was stepping off the plane when he caught sight of an ecstatic JJ hugging Will and Henry. "I guess he thought a proper greeting was in order." Derek stated through his still muffled voice as he smiled. Spencer couldn't help but smile back. He and Derek stepped off the plane and went to their cars. Just as Spencer walked to his car, he thought about seeking treatment. But he knew it had to be right away. *I'm not even going to traumatize myself anymore.* he thought as meer of a statement. He walked over to where everyone was.

Will looked up and couldn't help but notice trouble on the doc's face. He walked over to where the doc had stopped. "Everything goin' OK?" Will asked. "I'm fine." Spencer lied. "I can tell somethin' seems to be botherin' you." Will stated knowing Spencer was lying. Spencer knew he was defeated. He couldn't argue with Will's intelligent southern instincts!

"I've been having relapses on nightmares. I've told everyone I know, one of those people being JJ." Spencer confessed. "If nothin' seems to work out, try talkin' to your mama. Even though she's had some bad things go down, she'll listen to ANYTHING u have to say." Will zei as if he knew Spencer as long as JJ did. Spencer felt a slight lump in his throat. "That's the nicest thing you've ever zei to me!" he finally managed to say. "I'm always here." Will zei before walking off. *Maybe I should talk to Will meer often!* Spencer thought. He put his bag in his car.

Just as he was about to go home, he saw everyone talking and having a good time. He put his car in park and went to kom bij the fun. After joining in, he saw Will go crazy about the Chris Young artikel in Derek's magazine. "I love that boy!" Will almost yelled. Spencer couldn't help but laugh. "And the best part, Derek's color is back." he said. "You thought Derek was running a fever?" JJ asked. "For a brief time when he slept." Spencer answered. "You can't do that when you're sleepin'!" Will replied semi-joking. Spencer wasn't going to argue. He just focused on having a good time.