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Critical Analysis of Twilight Vraag

What do u think of this?

u are welcome to look at this website: link
What do u think of Seth? Sweet? A delightful man? A lovely little brother trying to help his big sis?
What do u think of Meyer? A lovely woman who is clever enough not to face the criticisms head on? Someone so humble that she'd let her little brother share her glory?
Look at this website: link
This is the official 'webmaster' page of Meyer's website. It's the masterpiece of Seth, our favourite author's baby brother. Doesn't he sound cute when he says, "She is in the process of writing/editing multiple books, and I think we can all agree that we would rather that she spends her time writing instead of reading thousands of emails every day" and "If u have read this far, it probably means that u have plenty of spare time."
He just sounds so mature when he says (or writes) it. Don't u agree.
I bet he'd vooruit, voorwaarts an emai to Stephenie Meyer if it looks like this:
Stephenie Meyer, I just absolutely LOVE your Twilight Saga! They're the bestest boeken ever! u write waaay better than William Shakespeare! Seriously, u should definitely be the world's most celebrated auteur of all time!!!! Twilight's changed my life forever - I am in love with my own Edward, and I intend on enjoying it! We've been together for a whole week already, and just like Bella, I would kill myself for him!

I'd like to know what u think of the super polite Seth and the mature Stephenie Meyer.
 Helena-B-Carter posted een jaar geleden
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Critical Analysis of Twilight Antwoorden

cassie-1-2-3 said:
I'll post it here too.

I'm sorry about your horrible mood, i hope everything's going alright in your personal life.

As for Seth, I think he's great, finally taking one of them on head on.

u should read the actual "petition" and not just Seth's response.
u can find it here:

Seth is right, t's not polite and respectful. i'll randomly scroll through the page and copy/paste a random passage.
"Oh, and I definitely wouldn't have had Edward ask Jacob to impregnate Bella. That was crossing the line.

Here's something she zei in an MTV interview :

"When I write the story, it's not like I'm thinking about what I'm doing..."

(To that we say, No, really?)

She was saying this in response to a flat out vraag about Edward asking Jacob to sleep with Bella. She said, "I was surprised with how far gone he was."


Ummm.... take some responsibility, please, Mrs. Meyer. "
Sorry, but I don't see any respect there at all.

I'll do it again, just for fun.
"What *can* we trust, Meyer? Even the fantasy/sci-fi genre demands some "reality" the story is based on.

Meyer claims that this is the way it was always going to be. She also says that Breaking Dawn (the wedding and baby) should have been right after Twilight, but she wrote New Moon and Eclipse because married in high school was too much of a stretch. Well, why not make Bella a senior in Twilight? She still got married right away after graduation anyway.

Meyer ended up writing two boeken she hadn't planned on, and developing characters and storylines that were never intended to be a part of the series. The smart thing to do, the RIGHT thing to do, would have been to ditch the baby theme and go with the better, meer believable storylines that had beautifully emerged in the seconde and third book. Instead, she plowed vooruit, voorwaarts with an ending that no longer fit, and did justice to none of the great things she created. "
Not outright disrespectful, but this person is obviously not sugar coating anything.

I don't think that Seth is sweet and delightful, but I don't care. I don't like people who are always sweet and delightful.
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posted een jaar geleden 
maryksand said:
I'm honestly far from being amused of impressed in either positive of negative way with Seth's attitude (and with Meyer's attitude as well for the matter). They are definitely not the first and undoubtedly not the last ones to put an immense amount of effort into retreating from any sort of criticism. That's the mentality of the most modern writers and some of them are being, in fact, door far meer obnoxious about the critical feedback than either Meyer of her brother. As for the site, I thought it was nicely done and good for the fans of Twilight.
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posted een jaar geleden 
Book-Freak said:
I think that Seth shouldn't be controlling Stephenie's fan mail to protect her from criticism. Every auteur needs to read the criticism of their novels in order to improve.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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