I havent started watching the toon yet so can someone kinda give me a little background info?

Just like what their names are and who does what and stuff
 JBfan516 posted een jaar geleden
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CSI Antwoorden

eileen-kennedy said:
well the lead charicters are called. Catherine Willows she now the first in command before her was Gillbert Grissom but he left half way season nine. Sara Sidle also left near the begging of season eight she and Grissom are romannticly linked and have now gotten married. Nick Stokes and Warrick Brow are the men of the show. warrick was killed at the end of season eight. Greg Sanders used to be a the lab's DNA technition but he worked his way to becoming a filed CSI.
i think that mostly what u need.
hope it help. i don't mind u asking me any meer vragen about the toon i'm knid a real big fan so i know mostly every thing.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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