I'm looking for some really good songs that were featured in any csi episode it does not matter if it is from miami, las vegas of new york

 cassie10268 posted een jaar geleden
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CSI Antwoorden

Blazing-Fire said:
CSI: Las Vegas
Waiting On The World To Change - John Mayer (7x01)
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - John Mayer (7x01)
Are u Gonna Be My Girl - Jet (Season 5-ish)
Judas - The Charlatans
Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park (9x05)
What Becomes Of US? - Cinephile
The Thinner The Air - Cocteau Twins
Good Enough - Evanescence
Freetime - Kenna (Season 3)
Running Up That heuvel - Placebo
Pride - Syntax
Wild Horses - The Sundays
You're Not Sorry - Taylor snel, swift (9x14)
Get Free - The Vines
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posted een jaar geleden 
thanks so much
cassie10268 posted een jaar geleden
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