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Fan fiction by DamonLovesElena posted een jaar geleden
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Well this is part 2:D. Enjoy ( :

I whimpered as my body fell weak and red marks were put on my skin.

"Damon im hurting..." I sobbed.

"Well if your hurting now, u WILL hurt when im done with you. Now...strip off all your clothes."

"No", I zei with anger.

He lifted the riem and struck me again. I screamed in agony. "Now DO IT!"

I slowly got up on my feet stumbly though.I slowly took off my pants and shirt. He examined my body and grinned wickedly. "Faster..honey" He smiled.I ripped off my bra and panties. Damon then took me and slammed me on the counter. His fingers creapted down my thighs and got lower until they were in and slowly going up and down while his lips were on my breasts.

I gripped his hair and kissed his lips and sucking on them hard.This is wrong I thought, he tortued me but I find myself wanting him meer than anything. I finally gave in and gave him what he wanted for about hours it seemed. He carried me still naked to the hotel. We crawled in bed and I rested my head on his chest and soon fell asleep.
Fan fiction by DamonLovesElena posted een jaar geleden
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Damon and Elena(:
hallo guys (: Its my first time writing!!! So if its not perfect im sorry D:. This story is about after Elena tells Damon she doesnt love him, she will always choose Stefan. Well, I decided to make him cranky and sexually Abusive (; Its hot though ;D. Enjoy (:

I plop on my bed just staring at the ceiling fan quirling round and round my head spinning. I just told Damon Its always gonna be Stefan. My mind is just racing through the words. I bet I really hurt him I thought. Sigh....

During at the Salvatore home...

Damon looks at the uithangbord motionless zooming through Elenas words. She really hurt me he thought angerily. I will make her regret it she is mine and I WILL make her mine too. Even if I have to do it in a very violent way...

At Elenas House...

I toss and turn in my bed feeling very uncomfortable. I lift my head up and I see a shadow in my room going toward the hallway, me and my stupid self I decide to follow it. I follow the mysterious thing into the keuken-, keuken where something grabbed me and took me out the door. I tried to scream but a muscular hand was over my mouth.
Fan fiction by RChaha posted een jaar geleden
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So hear is part 4. I had a lot of trouble with it at the beginning, but my readers inspired me :D. Please, keep reading. u help me keep going.
I was thinking that I'm going to start two other series, one as third person and one as first person. I've been writing this one as a script, because it happened to be what inspired me at the time, but I've been inspired door other fan fiction-ers (if that's a word?) to write meer personal, and really get into the characters that I know so well :) Let me know if u have any TVD plot lines in mind? of even any other series....?

(Later on in Salvatore house, Stefan and Damon are seen fighting)
Stefan: It'll never happen.
Damon: Why not? It'll lure him out...
Stefan: No way.
Damon: But-
Stefan: No.
Damon: u are not the boss, little brother. Never have been.
Stefan: Well she's MY girlfriend.
Damon: Yeah well-
Elena: Can someone please tell me what the hell is happening?