So hear is part 4. I had a lot of trouble with it at the beginning, but my readers inspired me :D. Please, keep reading. u help me keep going.
I was thinking that I'm going to start two other series, one as third person and one as first person. I've been writing this one as a script, because it happened to be what inspired me at the time, but I've been inspired door other fan fiction-ers (if that's a word?) to write meer personal, and really get into the characters that I know so well :) Let me know if u have any TVD plot lines in mind? of even any other series....?

(Later on in Salvatore house, Stefan and Damon are seen fighting)
Stefan: It'll never happen.
Damon: Why not? It'll lure him out...
Stefan: No way.
Damon: But-
Stefan: No.
Damon: u are not the boss, little brother. Never have been.
Stefan: Well she's MY girlfriend.
Damon: Yeah well-
Elena: Can someone please tell me what the hell is happening?
Damon: *whispers* Elena, (goes to grab her arm) u are NOT supposed to be here.
Elena: u can't just keep me out of the dark, (looks at Stefan) both of you. Now tell me what the hell is going on.
Damon: Well, we've located the werewolf.
Elena: GREAT! Now what? Can we go kick some ezel or....?
Damon: The problem is, he's kind of.... what would u call it... a divan, bank potato? He wallows up in self-pity- like someone else I know- (Stefan gives him a menacing glare but he continues to ignore him and proceeds with the story) and not one person seems to know where he does all of his lovely brooding. The only time he ever came out was for Katherine, and when he goes through the change.
Elena: Well that is a problem. Why don't we get Katherine to lure him out?
Damon: She's... selfish. She's not going to do anything that might hurt a hair on her stupid ezel head. Selfish bitch, but we were thinking the same thing... then u crossed my mind...
Elena: Oh no...
Damon: Oh yes.
Elena: Okay so let's say I do "pose as Katherine," he's going to know I'm human.
Stefan: See! It'll never work!
Damon: Well, there is a way...
Stefan: We are NOT changing her. Forget it.
Damon: What other options are there?
Stefan: Um, not that?
Damon: Look, what makes u a vampire?
-Damon keeps going, not waiting for an answer-
Damon: Strength, and the scent.
Stefan: AND the cravings, AND the sun!
Damon: Pish posh, those ALL can be improvised. But the first two cannot. But since we have a witch on our side, it shouldn't be so bad. There HAS to be some witch thing that can give her strength. And maybe a charm for her stench.
Elena: So, does that mean I'm going to Bonnie's.
Damon: Yup. And I'm coming with you.
Stefan: Nope, no way. Bonnie hates you, REMEMBER?
Damon: But come on, we're not going to get anything done without me. You're both so damn soft, u wonder why people don't always walk all over you. Elena, I know that u and Bonnie are... close, but don't forget what happened with the device. She's never liked Katherine; it's going to take some convincing to give her something that'd make her make u just like her. If there's anyone that can get a spell from her, it's me. Fear sometimes is a necessity when u want something.
Stefan: Bonnie... she'll never... not when you're...
Damon: Look, I won't hurt her. I'd never do that; that's too low, even for me. She's a Bonnet though. She's confident, stubborn, and biased. Elena will hardly be an authoritative figure in her eyes.
Stefan: Well, then I'll go.
Damon: *laughs* Let's go, Elena
Stefan: WAIT! -silence- Just keep her safe, will you?
Damon: u can count on it.
(Elena and Damon are walking to the car)
Elena: Do u HAVE to be so mean?
Damon: Mean gets things done, Elena.
Elena: Ugh. Just drive.
(awkward silence goes on while Damon drives until he says..)
Damon: Are we going to talk about it?
Elena: Talk about what?
Damon: Don't play dumb with me. u couldn't fool me, even if u tried.
Elena: Oh, really?
Damon: Yes really. u can't fool your loved ones. Especially not me.
Elena: Stefan doesn't seem to know that anything's up. He's a loved one.
Damon: Who says he is?
Elena: I do!
Damon: You're misguided.
Elena: door what?
Damon: Delusion. You've deluded yourself into loving him. Deluded yourself into thinking u don't love me. Ridiculous.
Elena: And why in the world would I do?
Damon: How should I know? I mean, I guess I can't blame you. Who wants to love a man like, no, a monster like me?
Elena: Da-
Damon: Save your low self-esteem lectures for later. We're here anyway.
(Damon and Elena pull up in Bonnie's driveway. Elena walks up to the door and while grabbing onto Damon's arm, part dragging him with her, and part needing his comforting warmth)
Damon: Why are u grabbing onto me?
Elena: Um..
Damon: Save it. I don't mind.
(Elena knocks on the door and faced Damon)
Elena: We really need to talk.
Damon: I tried that, remember?
Elena: I just... I have no one else to... talk to about Stefan problems. People look up to us as a couple. So I thought..
(Bonnie finally antwoorden the door to the sight of Elena touching Damon's shoulder, eyes glued to each other. Bonnie clears her throat and Elena and Damon jump to the side, the moment lost.)
Elena: Bonnie...
Bonnie: What do u want?
Elena: Well-
Damon: u need to tell us if there's some kind of spell that can temporarily make Elena seem like a vampire.
Bonnie: And why would u need that?
Elena: Well, u see-
Damon: Because she needs to pose as Katherine to lure a self-hating werewolf out to society so Stefan and I can kill him.
Bonnie: Okay. There's no way I'm helping you.
Elena: Bonnie...
Damon: This isn't like John's device. Katherine threatened to kill all of Elena's loved ones if we don't get this done. If u don't help us, you'll be hurting humans instead of protecting them.
Bonnie: Well even if I WANTED to I don't think there would be any- wait- Come in, I think I actually have something for you.
Damon: Good.
(Elena goes in but Bonnie stops Damon before he can go inside)
Bonnie: Know that I'm doing this for Elena, not you.
Damon: Dully noted.
Elena: So, are u guys coming?
Damon and Bonnie: YES Elena!
Bonnie: So, I think I have something for you. It's a... what would u call it... a supernatural charmed mask, a cinderella mask. It has been passed down from generations in my family. Each generation gets one turn to wear the mask for 24 hours and become whatever we want, human even. Although some people treasured the thing, I don't plan on being anyone but myself.
(Bonnie looks around in an ancient chest and finds a black mask)
Bonnie: Here it is. Now u will become whatever u desire. So when u say u want to be a vampire, that's what you'll be, for one day. Really, you're lucky I still have this. I thought it was seriously wacky. But, I guess u need this.
Elena: THANKYOU Bonnie. u have NO idea how much this means to me.
Bonnie: No, I do. That's why I'm doing it.
Elena: Damon and I have to go. We have a lot of planning to catch up on. But, I promise I'll text u later and tell u everything that's going on, okay?
Bonnie: Okay.
Elena: Oh and Bonnie?
Bonnie: What?
Elena: I've missed you.

(Damon and Elena going in the car)
Elena: Okay, so, what now?
Damon: Now we have to get u your Katherine clothes because I doubt you'll have any in u wardrobe. Don't take it as an insult sweetheart, u two are just clearly two different people... wait I better check with Stefan on this one... (Calls Stefan) hallo little bro, listen, yes we got something perfect- we'll toon it to u later but right now your lovely girlfriend and I are going to go shopping for Katherine clothes any... yeah that's what I was thinking... yeah I have some... I have a place in mind. We'lll be back at the house in two hours. Keep looking around. We have to find the perfect spot. Kay. (hangs up)
Elena: What was that about?
Damon: Planning. First, we're going to a dress store... to get u something seriously sexy..
Katherine... Stefan and I both agreed, likes to toon off her best assets. Even though last time we saw her she was in a corset, we still know her. Even back then, she pushed the boundaries with he clothes, always into danger. No one zei anything because she always looked as gorgeous as ever...
(Elena suddenly frowns)
Damon: What?
Elena: Nothing. Continue.
Damon: Anyway, we figured now she'd but the most expensive, sluttiest clothes we can find.
Elena: Alright.
(Damon and Elena enter the mall, and go straight to a koop full of lingerie, cocktail dresses, and undergarments)
Elena: Oh dear lord..
Random Clerk Lady: Hello! What brings u here? Do u need any help? Perhaps u need help finding lingerie for your honeymoon?
Elena: Well we were just..
Damon: Actually that's exactly what we need! (Damon grabs Elena's hand and entwines their fingers) We're getting married soon and well, she INSISTED on spicing it up for the big honeymoon, and well, we've never actually done this...
Clerk lady: Okay then! Well my name is Nancy and I'd be happy to help. (They walk around) What exactly are u looking for?
Elena: I-
Damon: Well, We want something that would look good for clubbing as in sexy but should also look classy.
Nancy: Wow... well so u want a whole stuff?
Damon: yes.
Nancy: Alright my darlings I think I have the perfect outfit for you. What size are u darling?
Elena: Oh. 4
Nancy: Perfect! I'll be right back.
(Soon as she leaves, Elena pulls away from Damon)
Elena: Was that really necessary?
Damon: Come on. We have no idea what we're doing. At least u don't. I figured she'd help.
Elena: Well, what about the whole marriage thing?
Damon: Well we can't just go up to her and say, "Hi. We need a hot outfit for Elena so she can imitate being an evil selfish teef that used to exchange blood with ELena's boyfriend and her brother." Yeah no. I wasn't going to compel her so this seemed like the logical option.
Elena: Why not?
Damon: Because I know how u hate it. And... I didn't want to make u uncomfortable.
Elena: Damon that's so.. uh that's so sw-
Nancy: Here we are! Now, why don't u go change and see if it fits. Your groom and I will wait out here.
Elena: Okay (Elena leaves to a dressing room)
Nancy: So when's the date?
Damon: Huh?
Nancy: Your wedding datum SILLY!
Damon: Oh. July 17.
Nancy: Oh fun! u know, I could tell from a mile away that u were two people in some deep love.
Damon: *laughs* and why is that?
Nancy: When I saw u both walked up here, your electricity was just... tangible. And the way u look at her... it's like you're the only people in the room. It's quite fascinating, really. I see hundreds of couples each year, but u both... the attraction is... almost tangible. You're a luck man.
Elena: Damon!!!
Damon: Yes Elena.
Elena: Can u please come here?
Damon: *chuckling* Yes, darling!
(Damon goes to the dressing rooms, calling out for her)
Damon: Elena!
Elena: Damon... I don't think this is the best idea.
Damon: Come on.
Elena: Really. Just tell her that it's too much.
Damon: Come on. Just toon me. u have to do this. For Jeremy. For everyone. Now please, toon me.
(Elena comes out wearing a black cocktail dress about 2 inches above her knee. It had a white ribbon her waist on the left side, and it was strapless. The top, boven was dangerously low, revealing what she'd been trying so hard to conceal when around him The end of the dress was beaded, taking a little away from the classy look that first hit your eye. All in all, she looked beautiful)
Damon: Wow.
Elena: Well... I think this is way too..
Damon: No Elena. (Goes up to her then starts slowly stroking her cheek) Elena, u look... beautiful. Majestic. Stunning.
Elena: Damon...
Damon: Sssh... Darling. (Damon kisses her forehead)
Elena: We... we can't.
Damon: We can't what Darling?
Elena: We can't keep doing this. We can't keep getting into... into these... situations..
(Damon kisses her, ever so softly against the dressing room door)
Damon: Baby...
Elena: No... we have to... for Katherine..
Damon: Uh huh.... (Damon kisses her neck and laces his fingers in hers, and brings their hands above them, pushing her hands against the wall, all while still kissing her.)
Elena: Damon... oh Damon..
Nancy: So I just thought u should- DEAR ME!
(Elena and Damon jump apart, not daring to look anyone around in the eye)
Nancy: Well then... umm..
Damon: Please take my fiance to get matching shoes and under garments for her dress.
Nancy: My, do u want to come?
Damon: No... I think I'm going to be stepping out for a bit. (Damon hands Elena a wad of cash) This should cover it. When you're done shopping, meet me door out car. (Damon kisses Elena's forehead, yet again, and leaves)
Nancy: Well... I assume he liked the dress...?
Elena: Yes, yes he did.

(Damon outside talking to himself)
Damon: What the hell is wrong with me? She's Stefan's... Stefan's girl.. I can't... Can't let myself fall for her.. I..
(Damon stops and notices a woman walking to her car)
Damon: That's it.. I.. that'll make it go away. (Start sobbing, girl walks up to him)
Girl: hey, are u okay?
Damon: Oh yes, oh was I that loud?
Girl: Uh yeah sorry.
Damon: I'm sorry I just... I've been having a... a hard time ever since my wife died...
Girl: Oh dear. (she comes closer) Is there anything I can do to help?
Damon: Well, actually, there is ONE thing...