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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena was sitting in the kitchen, playing solitaire. She picked up a card and squeezed her eyes at the Joker image. “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?” She got tired of the game, because she was losing, and collected the cards. Then she took two card and placed them against each other, creating a triangle. She did the same with two other cards and placed them volgende to the other triangle. “Are u seriously building a card house now?” Jeremy asked. He was sitting in the couch, playing a computer game. Elena didn’t respond; she needed all her focus on the construction. “Let her be, Jeremy” Alaric said. “That’s what’s called ‘occupational therapy’”
Elena was halfway her construction when the klok, bell rang. She jumped up and her card house collapsed. Annoyed she got up and answered the door. Complete silence.
“Hi” Damon waved, meer shy than he ever was. Elena blinked and stared at him like she was frozen. The she came back to earth.
“Daaaammmoooonnn!!!” she squeaked and she threw her arms around him, nearly suffocating him.
“I can’t breathe” Damon gasped. Elena let go of him and looked at him with an ecstatic smile.
“I missed u so much, Damon! Jeremy zei u were with Bonnie and at first I didn’t like it. I mean, u and Bonnie? Only a delusional moron would put the two of u together, right? But then I figured, if Bonnie wants to be with someone who almost bit off her neck and if Damon wants to be with someone who set him on fire, then who am I to stop them? I hope u two will be very happy” Elena ranted, still with that smile on her face. She took a deep breath and then said: “Aren’t u coming in?” She step aside and let him in. “Where’s Bonnie? Didn’t she kom bij you?”
“No” Damon zei a little annoyed because the subject didn’t change. “She stayed at home. She’s sick” In the head, he thought.
“Oh no, is it serious?” Elena gasped. Damon rolled his eyes. “She’ll live” he zei short. Elena held her head diagonally. “Are u angry with me?” she asked scared like a two jaar old.
Damon sighed and his annoyed expression vanished. “No, I’m not” he reassured Elena. Not with you, he thought. “Okay” Elena nodded. “Come in” she zei and she pulled him into the kitchen. “Can I get u something? We don’t have any blood unfortunately… u can have mine” she stuck her left arm out. Damons eyes bulged and for the first time a little smile appeared on his face. “No, thank you” He gave Elena back her arm and his eyes fell on the table. “What were u doing?” he curiously asked. “Oh, that” Elena zei bored. “That’s something to pass the time” Damon sank down on a chair and shoved the cards to him. “In for a little competition?” he challenged Elena. Elena sat opposite Damon. “Bring it on”
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