Damon & Elena Reasons we ♥ them[from the books]

Pick one:
1) Because she took his breath away.
2) Because the bad boy and the good girl belong together!
3) Because Damon is "the fiery breath beneath her wings".
4) Because however far she goes, "Damon seemed to lure her on just a little farth
5) Because he is with her.
6) Because when she falls, he promises to catch her.
7) Because she was full of sorrow for ever having doubted him.
8) Because Damon is on her side.
9) Because she knows he's willing to die for her.
10) Because when their gazes meet, something electric passes between them.
11) Because their looks make her tingle all over.
12) Because Damon's eyes are filled with "hot, fierce pride in her"
13) Because she knows there's living flesh beneath the layers of stone he's wrapp
14) Because he touches something deep inside her that makes her shiver.
15) Because when she was about to die, she was worried about him.
16) Because if Elena died, who would be there to understand him?
17) Because she's the one who pushes him.
18) Because she's the only one who tries to see what's really inside him.
19) Because "she loved Damon, too"
20) Because she promised she'd try, for him.
21) Because there's a "wildfire attraction" between them.
22) Because she knows it's useless to deny it.
23) Because her body responds to his.
24) Because Damon may pretend he doesn't care about Elena, but it's not true
25) Because he doesn't want her to be cold
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