Damon & Elena |2X08|Various reviews for the D/E scene...Which one pwns more?|Full quotes in the comments|

Pick one:
|1|"... and that was all before Damon caused every living room in American to fil
|2|"For anyone else watching this episode with a sore throat, I felt your pain...
|3|"The guy who is really alone is Damon and this is made apparent in the scene w
|4|"I wasn't exactly sure how to take Damon's message to Elena....
|5|"To commentaar on that scene with Damon/Elena…I found it very, very, very VERY.
|6|"And Damon’s gift was unexpected — he did not just help save Elena...
|7|"Stefan may be Elena’s physical protector, but Damon will protect her body a
|8||"More touching moments ahead. (Goodness, maybe I liked this episode even meer
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