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Damon Salvatore & Chuck bas, bass damon salvatore & chuck bas, bass videos

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Damon Salvatore | "You're Dead Dude, Get Over It"

Damon Salvatore | "i promised u a eternity of misery. i`m just keeping my word.."

Damon Salvatore (& Stefan Salvatore) | this world is too heavy

Chuck bas, bass | I am Chuck bas, bass

Chuck bas, bass (& Bart Bass) | Weak

Damon Salvatore | His Story

Damon Salvatore | Touchin' On My

Chuck bas, bass | Everybody Loves Me

Damon Salvatore | Everybody Loves Me

Chuck bas, bass (& Blair Waldorf) | "I never thought that the worst thing u ever do would be to me"

Chuck bas, bass (& Blair Waldorf) | Because I love her...

Damon Salvatore (& Elena Gilbert / Stefan Salvatore) | You're not going to hurt her

Damon Salvatore (& Elena Gilbert) | "Failed a feeble attempt to do the right thing"

Damon Salvatore | "She knew where u were, Damon... she didn't care"

Damon Salvatore (& Elena Gilbert | somewhere along the way...

Damon Salvatore (& Stefan Salvatore) | He's my brother

Chuck bas, bass | "When I looked in his eyes I couldn't see him anymore"

Chuck bas, bass (& Blair Waldorf) | Carry Me Through

Chuck bas, bass | Broken

Chuck bas, bass | Losing Your Memory [Collab Part]

Chuck bas, bass | Nothing and Everything (AU)

Chuck bas, bass (& Blair Waldorf) | " I was the last to know"

Chuck bas, bass | Amazing

Chuck bas, bass | Because of u

Chuck bas, bass | "I'm not here"

Chuck bas, bass | Sinking like a stone in the sea

Chuck bas, bass (& Blair Waldorf) | "I am Chuck Bass, the love of her life.."

Chuck bas, bass | Hot Mess

Damon; Chuck | Who Do u Think u Are

Chuck bas, bass | Gives u Hell

Damon Salvatore | it goes like this

Damon Salvatore | Dashing, gorgeous, irresistible

Damon Salvatore | "Life sucks either way."

Damon Salvatore | There is still hope.