1. favoriete Mom

I don't have a favoriete mom. I honestly don't like any of them! Sorry to people who love any of the moms, but I think they all need to grow up.

2. favoriete Girl

My favoriete girl is Nia. I think she's improving as a dancer and she seems like a really nice kid. I love how she always thinks about other people's feelings!

3. favoriete Maddie Solo

My favoriete solo door Maddie is Manhattan. She performed it at Season 1 Nationals and won a titel for it. I thought the music, choreography, costume, and her facial expressions were great!

4. favoriete Chloe Solo

Oh gosh, I have so many! If I had to pick, I'd probably say Dream On A ster (or Unchained, of Don't Catch Me, of In For The Thrill, of The Raven!)

5. favoriete Paige Solo

My favoriete Paige solo is Creme de la Creme. She had so much energy in it, it was really fun to watch! I loved the muziek too.

6. favoriete Brooke Solo

I wish Abby would give Brooke other styles of dance besides acro. However, I thought that her solo Diary of Anne Frank was fantastic. It's the best Brooke's ever danced, she used GREAT facial expressions! I hope she continues to do this!

7. favoriete Nia Solo

I didn't like the Laquifa dance, but Nia really rocked Working Girl! She was sassy and FIERCE!

8. favoriete Mackenzie Solo

My favoriete Mackenzie solo is My Parade! It was adorable, and she had lots of energy! The costume was cute too!

9. favoriete Kendall Solo

My favoriete solo that Kendall has performed is Kiss Kiss! She really used her face and had high energy! I personally think she should've placed first.

10. favoriete Group Dance

I have a lots, but my favorieten (I can't pick just one!) include Where Have All The Children Gone, This Is My Beauty, Bad Apples, Land Unforgiven, and Reputation!

11 favoriete Duet

Inside Of Me, hands down! Maddie and Chloe work so well together, they have great timing and beautiful technique! They should get meer duets.

12. favoriete Trio

My favoriete trios from Dance Moms are either La Divas of Somebody Told Me. Both were great, I just can't pick! However, it's probably La Divas that I like better just because Paige did great even with her foot hurting.

13. favoriete Song Used On The Show

My favoriete song from Dance Moms is Chasing antwoorden door Mina Mauldin. Kendall and Chloe did a duet to it. I got it on my iPod and I literally replayed it over 5 times!

14. favoriete Maddie Costume

My favoriete costume that Maddie has worn is her white dress from Beautiful. It was simple, but the few silver jewels on the dress made it look stunning, like a figure skating dress. It was Beautiful, all right!

15. favoriete Chloe Costume

My favoriete costume that Chloe has worn is her dress from Ghost. It was so pretty like Maddie's Beautiful costume above! I love white dresses, they look amazing on stage even when they're simple.

16. favoriete Paige Costume

I loved the costume Paige wore for People, it was chic but still looked good with the face makeup and balloon! Only Paige could've pulled it off.

17. favoriete Brooke Costume

I liked Brooke's Garden of Eden costume. It went well with the dance and was cool and unique looking.

18. favoriete Nia Costume

I think that Nia looks fabulous in red, so my choice is her pretty dress for I'll Do Anything For You. She really did look like a princess and of course, red is her color so it was beautiful on stage!

19. favoriete Mackenzie Costume

It's no secret that Mackenzie looked great in her madeliefje, daisy Chains costume, so that's my pick! I loved the cute madeliefje, daisy on it and her headband. It was age appropriate and so cute!

20. favoriete Kendall Costume

To be honest, I really dislike all of Kendall's costumes, especially the one for Bring On The Boys. Sorry, Kendall!

21. Best globaal, algemene Dance

Drumroll, please.... Inside of Me wins! In my opinion, it's the best dancing ever shown on Dance Moms. Great job, Chloe and Maddie!