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Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe - u PICK game toon

Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe On Total Request Live [Part 2]

Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe On Total Request Live [Part 1]

Harry&Hermione~Christmas/Winter Times

Daniel Radcliffe&Emma Watson "I have died everyday waiting for you..." A Thousand Years


Save a life // Dan and Emma [ for Noémie ]

Emma and Dan / Someone like u

I kinda wanna be meer than vrienden

Dan and Emma - Rolling in the deep

Daniel and Emma "You were and are the perfect Harry"

cause u are my heaven...

Don't Cry Joni

Dan&Emma | You're Beautiful

u appeared right in front of me. ♥

Warm Whispers ; Emma & Daniel

Let's forget the world, babe. (Harry&Hermione, Dan&Emma)

800 + subs dedication [daniel&emma] look how they shine for you.

Happy Valentine's dag MEP

emma&daniel - Stay beautiful.

daniel/emma • where we wanna be [harry/hermione]

dan why dont u kiss her (emma) 3 jaar

Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson || Stay [after six years ... ]

Dan and Emma Moments 2010

dan&emma [ christmas and new jaar vid ]

She is love&She is all I need[Dan&Emma] For Steph

Emma Watson Saying She Would Never Forget Kissing Daniel Radcliffe!!!!

MTV - Emma Watson on kissing Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel & Emma On Kissing [ DH Pics ]

Everybody loves us // dan& emma

Dan's faster than Emma

Dan and Emma - The Only Exception

dan / emma - behind the scenes vidlet.

Harry & Hermione // Dan & Emma

Dan speaks of kissing Emma...

Daniel And Emma||She can get it.

Dan & Emma-She is always in his head

Dan and Emma-Two worlds

Dan and Emma - Love at first sight

Emma and Dan

Good Life - D/E & H/Hr (Deathly Hallows)

Emma likes it~a Dan/Emma vid~

["I had a crush on Emma, certainly"] Dan and Emma

Dan and Emma~love the way u lie

Dan and Emma - Teenage Dream

Emma and Dan || Glorious

Cute clip of Emma & Dan=]

anything can happen; daniel&emma

Dan&Emma;Deathly Hallows

Dan and Emma in Deathly Hallows

Dan/Emma: In My Head

perfect two| dan & emma

Emma dishes about her smooch with costar Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson Topless Kissing Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter 7 HD

emma watson snogging rupert grint and daniel radcliffe naked

Daniel Radcliffe Saying Emma Watson Is AN Animal

emma watson spooks harry potter

Editing with Daniel Radcliffe (from HBP DVD)

dan&emma - colorblind

Emma Watson Felt Lucky To Kiss Daniel Radcliffe!

Dan and Emma High Five (Extended Clip with Audio)

Dan and Emma about the kiss

Dan & Emma - Bubbly

All This Time - Dan and Emma

Emma Watson Kissing Daniel Radcliffe Was Less Awkward!

ET talks to Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe about Magic and Real-Life Romance

D/E & H/Hr - God Damn You're Beautiful

Some things are meant to be: Falling in love with you.

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson (harry & hermione)-Puzzle of My hart-, hart


Daniel Radcliffe on Kissing Emma Watson: "I Quite Liked It"

Nobody´s gonna love me better

With every step together [Dan&Emma]

the best hug in history (Dan and Emma)

Dan and Emma - Say u Dont Want It

Dan and Emma - Alejandro

Emma and Daniel have a Bad Romance

Dan and Emma have a beautiful dance

Dan & Emma- Ultimate

Emma Watson & Daniel Radcliffe // National Movie Awards - Winners Board

MTV Interview (Answer fan Questions) // Emma & Dan

Daniel & Emma - Ultimate Edition Footage 2 [ Re- Uploaded ]

Daniel & Emma

Emma/Dan- She/Him

dan//emma; i'm yours

It seems as if it´s meant to be[Dan&Emma]

u and Me // Daniel & Emma

Daniel & Emma - Lovegame

Love//emma & daniel

daniel & emma - ride

Dan: I'm faster than Emma

Dan and Emma - If I Had u

Harry/Hermione and Dan/Emma "Oh, It is Love"

Robsten // D & E // Lions

Dan & Emma - My Angel Gabriel

Dan & Emma - u make me smile

Nothin On u - Dan and Emma

Dan and Emma -Fireflies

Fallin// emma and dan

Dan and Emma - Te Amo