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Jake was the name he lyked bein called door noot Jacob.
-ii gave hym aa nickname Jakey♥ ii allways called hym dat♥

-one tym diis gurl called hym daat ii goot pissed cuuz issh my NICKNAME FOR HYM♥

-wee dated onn January 2nd.
-We fighted alot alot wee broke up foor 2weeks && got bck together on dahh 28th of Jan.
-He tool meeh he wanted too marry meeh && have kids wiit meeh♥

-YESH he did drugs it didnt reeely bother meeh at 1st.theen it got too meeh sho much..
-hee drank && smoke sho much.

-ii memeber one tym in class he txted meeh, ii culd tell ther was sunthhin wrng..
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haha ii loove daat!
posted by DarcyCastillo
-My name is Darcy'(:
Im 14 gonna be 15 onn deec 19th(:
I loove dahh colors bluue && puurple!
-fave food-Pizza!
-Fave song-Work Out && LapDance (;

I still suffer frm depression, frm loosin jaakey.
He waas my bf ii daated hym frm jan 2nd.
He diid drugs allot ii hated it.
He lied to meeh huurt meeh.
I looved hym still.
He died frm cancer on august 4th.
2days after our 8th anniversay.
I still think of hym everyday ii cry.</3...

I loove my fwends Klarissa-been ther foor meeh frm dahh start!(:
Vanessa-Shes aa keewl chick heella fuunni!(:
Aleex-Hees hella keewl too lolsz hee funni ii showed hym aa vid of meeh && jazlyn singing he sed we weer dumb && hella pretty(:

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posted by KlarissaEstela
(I need a nickname for you)
Hmm; i'm gonna call u Darc for NOW.(:
First of all i love you,
your beautiful inside and out.
I think your fucking B E A U T I F U L.

Just saying.
Everybody agrees, cause i'm right(:

I dont "hate" u for faking.
What the hell. I dont believe in "hate"
I dont dis-like u for faking.
(ah thats better♥)
Everybody goes threw that.
What i dis-like is that u thought u were ugly,
when u are obviously pretty & beautiful.
Those facebook people dont know what beautiful is.

They're so stupid. Seriously, i mean its like "look in the god damn mirror...
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