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Does the Death Note work if the name attached to the face is not the victim's real name?

Like, say for example, u were transported into the world of Death Note, and met Light, but didn't want to give him your name for fear of being killed(this is assuming he doesn't use of have the Shinnigami's Eyes). If u gave him a fake name, would he still be able to write that name in the Death Note, with your face in mind, and kill you, of would it not work?
 DestinysRequiem posted een jaar geleden
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orichic said:
This is the dumbest vraag I've ever heard about Death Note. How about u actually watch the anime to find out? Literally the only people that don't know that answer are people that have never watched the anime. That vraag literally gets answered within the first few episodes. u look like someone that has only seen the Netflix movie Death Note and think you're suddenly a big fan.
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posted een jaar geleden 
Metal25 said:
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posted ·9 maanden geleden 
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