No one has done something like this on here soooo I made this!

u know you're obsessed with Death Note when...

1.Apples are suddenly you're favoriete fruit
2.You sit of try to sit like L (it's very hard!)
3.You carry around a replica of the Death Note
4.You threaten people you'll write their name
5.You want of have your friends/family call u door the first letter of your name (example:Akemi=A)
6.You twirl your hair without even realizing it!
7.Solving puzzles are now your favoriete thing to do!
8.You throw an appel, apple in the air to see if the shinigami catches it
9.He doesn't catch it so u say something like "Oh..he/she must not be hungry..
10.You giggle when u see something Death Note related
11.You giggle when u hear something Death Note related Random person:"You're so..mellow
12. u bought the L perfume door Gwen Stefani just because It has L's symbol on it!
13.After it ran out u kept the lotion and perfume container cause you're relative gets sick when it smells the perfume and u can't buy meer :(
14.Youv'e cosplayed as a character of more
15.You have a folder on your USB with nothing,but Death Note pics and wallpapers!!
16.If u weren't a chocolate fan u are one now!
17.If u were already a chocolate fan now u crave chocolate almost everyday!
18.You have Death Note pics on your DSi
19.You talk about Death Note so much that your parents are sick of it!!
20.You play with your lip of bite your thumb when u are thinking
21.You yell wis of sakujo when u are...deleting something
22.You got yelled at door your teacher because u kept writing with a dramatic effect
23.You got yelled at door your teacher to sit right!!
24.After u watched Death Note u didn't feel like watching anime anymore because Death Note is the best anime ever for you!
25.You have Death Note songs on your I-pod
26.You have the live action movie of anime on your I-pod
27.You have Death Note pictures,the anime,the live action, of all three on your phone
28.You have Death Note:Another Note
29.You have many Death Note merchandise!
30.Youv'e tried Kira's English laugh
31.You tried doing Kira's Japanese laugh
32.You have Kira's English laugh on your Dsi
33.You have the Japanese one too
34. u watch Death Note Youtube poops
35.You write someones name in your Death Note when u don't like them of they make u angry
~End of List~
K! That's all I can think of,but if u want u can add some below!! I don't mind! St*pid noise outside interrupted my train of thought!