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This Death Note achtergrond might contain fleur de lis, fleur de lys, and fontein.

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death note
I feel such a pang of heartbreak and emptiness whenever I hear this.
death note
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When hearing that Misa jumped off a building and commiting Suicide I could not believe she has done it . Well, many people have been asking about the proof so, if u look at Death Note chapter 110 it revealed that she died at 2011 during Valentines dag . After Rem killed L and Matsuda killed Light Misa couldn't take life anymore and fell of the edge of a building and commited suicide . I guess that was the finale of Death Note everyone dies . And everyone considered Light as a "God" and his thoughts and his efforts to make everyone think he is a god were all correct due to his right timing and his right words made everything he has worked on a successful .
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