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This Death Note foto might contain teken, poster, tekst, bord, schoolbord, krant, tijdschrift, tabloid, vod, papier, and rag.

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 Instead of saying why me? Say try me.
Instead of saying why me? Say try me.
"The first four names are unmistakably the real names of the SPK members," explained Near, still holding the notebook. "And the only name that is missing from this lijst is Light Yagami. Mikami called him 'god' and zei he did as u told him to. This proves it."
"A... A trap! This is a trap!" shouted Light, pointing his right index finger at Near as if he were some wolf he stumbled upon in a deserted forest. "Near set this whole thing up to frame me! It's impossible that nobody's dead even after their names were written in the notebook. That proves that this is a trap!"
"What?" exclaimed Matsuda...
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