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 Misa Amane - Cosplay
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Misa ran into her room, sobbing. "Misa, what's wrong?" Rem asked, worriedly. Misa ran up to Rem and hugged her,"L-Li-ight b-br-oke u-up wi-ith m-me-e!" she sobbed. "Why?" "For Mikami!" "Mikami?" "YES!!!!!" Rem looked down at the young human girl with sympathy, "Misa...I'm sorry....don't worry, I'll make sure he pays..." "DON'T KILL HIM! I DON'T WANT REVENGE, I WANT DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Misa screamed and ran out the door......................The HQ building L had built REALLY tall and the drop down looked unliveable. Misa climbed up onto the rail and looked down at the city of Tokyo....
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