Descendants Which one of these Villains Kids from Descendants: Isle Of The Lost is Better?

Pick one:
Harriet Hook (Captain James Hook&# 39; s Daughter)
Harriet Hook (Captain James Hook's Daughter)
Ginny Gothel (Mother Gothel&# 39; s Daughter)
Ginny Gothel (Mother Gothel's Daughter)
Claudine Frollo (Judge Claude Frollo&# 39; s Daughter)
Claudine Frollo (Judge Claude Frollo's Daughter)
Clay Clayton (Clayton&# 39; s Son)
Clay Clayton (Clayton's Son)
Gaston Jr. and Gaston The Third (Gaston&# 39; s 2 Sons)
Gaston Jr. and Gaston The Third (Gaston's 2 Sons)
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