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 100 powerpuffs "WARNING! HUGE PIC!"
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100 puffs.....I think I may have my new Dexter design for puff him, I've been trying to figure out a better one for through the eyes of puffs
Dexi:I swear though this chick could be the biggest imbecile on the entire planet!
?????:Maybe I can help u out with that imbecile.
Dexi:Who's there?
(a short but not to short girl came out of the shadows she had red hair big roze eyes like blossom curly red hair and she wore a lab coat.)
Dexi:...Blossom?..whats with the Dexter get up?
girl:UGG WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THAT!...I am not Blossom!
I am...Baily!
(lightning it the backround)
Baily:grrrrr....look do u want me help of not?
Dexi:I guess but...
Dexi:First tell me whats up with your whole dexter/blossom thing u got...
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It's been a week since we've seen Dexi. We've yet to even leave camp because we hope she may return unharmed. That.....and i've secretly felt the keys presence in our campsite. I have'nt mentioned it to anyone yet because i've looked all under every rock, every leaf, everything u could probably turn over and look under and have yet to find a thing. but well let's get to what actually is happening "Now".

Otto walked up to me this morning, with his usual question.

"Well commander kurk, shall we verplaats out?"

and as usual, my answer:

" no mister Spok. we shan't be moving on, live long and prosper(yes,...
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Source: I drew this yay!
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Ok, I am actually excited about this one, so I did an interview before the actual first chapter is released.And, to help with this interview, we've brought Dexter to be the dude asking the questions! YA......I think.Oh just read!

Dexter: welcome one and all to......this interview.

Dexi: lame!

Mandark: agreed!

Dexter: Shut up!I am Dexter and I will be-

Mandark: Ruining this interview, we know!

Dexter:grrrrrrr as u can see, unfortunatley!

Dexi: hayo!

Mandark: shut up!

Dexter: Can we please verplaats on now!

Dexi: I don't know. CAN WE?

Dexter: ugh....First question-MANDARK SHUT UP!

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Ok, I'm just gonna keep makin these! so let's get this over with!

Part4: to love a Genius part1: Ocitana

starting from where we last left off.......

He looked into her eyes,almost like he was telling her he'd wrote it about her.He sat down ,her hart-, hart jumped a beat.Mrs. Poetarian then zei in very normal, tone "Well Mr. Fletcher, it was a bit short, but at least it was right on the point.I give it an A"


"no, just an A but if u keep up the work like that, you'll be getting A plus's in no time"

"well, as long as I have my inpiration....I doubt i'll ever need another thing"

Fletcher looked at...
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Ok, another side story! ugh....let's get this thing over with!

The Dork in Green Lab Gloves, Part1: I got saved.....BY A NERD!!!????

It all this.
Mandark broke up with me. Meh, it was for the best. Bubbles got dumped door Boomer. Hey, I told the chick it'd never last. Dexter and Blossom are going through a rut. I told her to watch out with that stupid nerd.Blossom was skulking in the back of our room, Bubbles ran off crying. Blossom zei she'd be fine, so I decided to try and cheer up blubber puss Bubbles. I went outside, started walking...and then I started to think. Mandark and me....could...
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The unfortunate news: I've decided to not do the WDMD doujinshi, until I finish the actual artikel series. So until I've gotten finished with WDMD2: Dexter vs. the universe, WDMD3: Return of villans, and WDMD4: final days, No WDMD DOUJINSHI FOR YOU!

The good news, here's a little bit of the volgende few chapter's coming up in WDMD 2: Dexter vs. the universe.

When Dexter met Dexi 2: Dexter vs the universe chapter five part 2: Love really bites.

Dexi has escaped with Manwell to new unknown adventure to find out what has happened to the real Mandark, and meer about Manwell's past while doing so.But what...
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Days passed, Drax did'nt really do much. All he did was have me help Susan do whatever he was doing, and usually it was nothing. After about week, I was getting the routine. Susan would wake me up, he'd go tell Drax I was awake and would be down as soon as possible while I changed, then we'd do whatever he told us. Which was usually........nothing.This morning was different though. Instead of Susan waking me up like I thought Drax would make him, Drax did it himself. At first a I thought he was gonna tell me somehting weird like, "could u please go kill susan" or" why don't u go feed...
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Dexter:So your fighting days are over?
Darxy:No way ewww!
(Manwell comes walking down the hall)
Darxy:Oh no not him!!!!
Dexi:Whats the big deal?!?
Darxy:Well u see he was....well.....we were...he's my x-boyfriend.
Dexi:(tears run from her eyes as if she was about to laugh until the klok, bell rang)
Darxy:Yes!saved door the bell!
Dexi:Aww man!!!
(Dexi hjas to get to cheerleading and yess Mrs.Bellum but meanwhile Darxy being her counterpart loved cheerleading but her Dad thought it was silly)
Mrs.Airups:Okay class I'll be right back so when I do get ready for cheerleading!
Dexi:Well I hate this cheer stuff but...
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