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Help Wanted - 3D Avengers?

Ok, so I need some 3D Disney of Non Disney Characters to portray the Avengers in a picture I'm planning to make. I have already selected Kristoff to be Thor and Merida to be Black Widow, but I need characters to be Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk and Captain America.

3D only, please.

I CAN'T use any of the following since they've already been used in a related picture as Avengers of a different kind:

Flynn Rider
Elsa's Father/King of Arandelle
Stabbington Brother
Jack Frost
Pitch Black

(DO NOT send me ideas for these because they're already in use)

Remember, no 2 D characters.

Thanks anyone who can help.
 PrincessBelle2 posted een jaar geleden
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kristenfan10109 said:
How about Grug (Croods) of Mr. Incredible as Hulk, Metro Man (Megamind) as Iron Man Linguini (Ratatouille) as Hawkeye and Nod (Epic) as Captain America? I was also thinking that Prince Charming (Shrek) could also work as Thor to just as a suggestion.
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posted een jaar geleden 
I wouldn't mind using Prince Charming as someone in one of these, but I can't think who. Thanks for the suggestions.
PrincessBelle2 posted een jaar geleden
your welcome
kristenfan10109 posted een jaar geleden
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