It's my first artikel here so I decided to start off door listning my 5 favoriete crossover couples, it was very hard to come up with 5 couples since I'm meer a fan of making friendship crossovers, but on later times I've started to fall for making crossover couples.

5. Aurora & Derek

I love this couple though I haven't done so many crossovers of these two (this is the only one of the two that I've done so far)! I actually think Aurora is better for Derek than Odette because I just think Aurora is meer Derek's type, but I like Aurora better with Phillip, but still a really nice couple that I love.

4. Bambi & Lady

I know that it's a deer and a dog that are paired up, but I can see them being a really cute couple. I don't know why though, but I think that it might be because I just think they are similar to each other, but that's just me. Anyway they're too cute to not be on my list.

3. Snow White & Flynn

I used to have them as my favoriete crossover couple, but I've realised that they don't suit each other that good as I first thought, but they would still be a very sweet couple. They may be very dissimilar to each other, but actually I can see some similarties between them, but I haven't seen Tangled for quite some time so I need to watch Tangled someday soon to say what similarties they have.

2. Lady & Oliver

These two would be the most adorable couple out of the couples listed in my opinion! They may be cat and dog, but I can see them together, I don't really see them hating each other, they're too sweet. I know that we don't see much of Lady as a puppy, but I can still see them as a couple.

1. Snow White & Quasimodo

After I made my first crossover with these two I started to realise what a great couple they would make and what's even better is that it's my favoriete animated female and my favoriete animated male that I'm paring up. Anyway these two have so much in common, but I can't lijst them because I haven't seen the Hunchback of Notre Dame in a long time so I can't really come up with similarites right now.