Tulio’s Point of View:

Everything seemed to be fine. Aladdin was the only one missing. Where is he? I looked around, and saw Esmeralda sitting in the corner probably still angry about the fight she and I had earlier.

She had the craziest idea about looting the palace. Of course, as leader, I told her that it was way too risky and I wouldn’t put any part of my family in danger. Of course, she had to yell that we are even a blood family. I guess I made it worse when I promptly ignored her, shoved her aside, and left….

Chel and Kida were busy giggling about the man we had just mugged, while Mowgli told Ranjan about what happened today. I smiled at the amazement that fell upon our youngest member.

I turned my head towards the stairway, as a familiar creaking from the old stairs echoed throughout the room. Instinctively, a silence rang in all of our ears, as we waited for the person to toon themselves. Everyone went back to their business as Aladdin appeared in the make-shift doorway. I was about to great him, until I saw an unfamiliar figure behind him.

“Who is this?! u led someone to our hideout?” I shouted angrily, grabbing everyone’s attention. I couldn’t believe Aladdin would be stupid enough to actually put our family in danger door bringing some random girl he had just found off the street. Well, we were all off the street… but I was still angry that no one knew about this. Chel and Kida were excited to see the new girl, but Esmeralda didn’t even give her a sideways glance. Mowgli didn’t pay her any attention, continuing his story, and I quickly grabbed Aladdin door his vest.

“Who is she? And why on Earth would u ever make the decision to bring her here?! u know that the city guards will do anything to get their hands on us! She could be a spy for crying out loud!” I whispered gritting my teeth.

Aladdin’s Point of View:

A smile spread across my face when I saw Chel and Kida get up to greet my new friend. Concern washed over me when I saw my little sister sitting alone with Djali. But of course, before I could even go over to her, Tulio was shouting vragen at me. I just raised my eyebrows, shook my head, and ignored the shouted questions. Of course, then Tulio had to grab me door my vest and pull me into the small room connected to the main room.

“Would u just relax? She needed a place to stay, and I doubt she is a spy with the guards.” I chuckled at Tulio’s pissed expression. When he accused me of putting the family in danger, and pushed him away from me, my brows furrowing in anger.

“I would never put my family in danger! I am not an idiot, I will keep my eye on her, and make sure that everyone is safe!” I retorted angrily, before storming back into the main room, greeted with looks of concern from Esmeralda, Chel, Kida and Jasmine. Ranjan and Mowgli were still too wrapped up in their stories to notice anything of anyone out of the ordinary.

I shook my head and sat on the ledge with a full view of the Sultan’s palace. Esmeralda gently touched my shoulder, and I gave her a half-hearted smile.

Esmeralda's Point of View

Leave it to Aladdin to make matters worse for Tulio. Whatever, not like I even care. He had brought in a new girl, but honestly, my mind was on meer important things, like the fight I had with Tulio. I couldn’t believe he called my crazy. Tulio pulled Aladdin away, and after a few minutes, Aladdin stormed back in a sat on the ledge, which I knew meant something was wrong.

“You okay?’ I asked, placing my hand on my biological brother’s shoulder, and then I gently sat volgende to him. I raised an eyebrow at his fake smile, and smiled back. I turned so my feet were dangling over the ally below us, and I felt the sunset’s warmth on my face. I noticed Aladdin beginning to relax with my presence.