Though the UK logo is not featured in the actual film, Scooter's performance of Moves Like Jagger is.
Not many people seem to be too crazy about this film, but I myself enjoy watching it every time. But rather than boring u guys the entire time, I'm going to add foto's as I go along.
Rowlf and Lew Zealand are back. Always nice to see them back.
Slightly less interesting is the fact that Muppet Treasure Island background pirate Calico is in the way back over door the picnic table.
Way, way, way in the back is purple beak nosed Muppet Mildred. Also in this film is Annie Sue.
The Newsman is back.
Also returning from the last movie is Hobo Joe (Zach Galifinakis)
Blind Pew makes a comeback as a gulag inmate. He however does not have his eye patches any meer
We also get reappearances from Thog and Marvin Suggs
Pepe is back and this time he plays a larger role as opposed to his minor role in the last movie. Note that Mahna Mahna and Spamela Hamderson appear behind him in the volgende row over
Rizzo, seen in his classic red jas still appears, this time getting a decent amount of screen time
Also getting a decent amount of screen time are Floyd, Janice, Link, and Dr. Strangepork. Dr. Strangepork sadly has no lines in this movie.
For the names of the human prisoners at the gulag, we have Hornswoggle, previously established straal, ray Liotta, Danny Trejo, and Jemaine Clement
We also get reappearances from four Muppets Musicians of Bremen Muppets, Catgut being one of them. Rover Joe, Leroy the Donkey, and T.R. Rooster also appear in the background of The Madrid Tour and the wedding. So does Catgut.
One of the many pirate reappearances we get in this film is Jacques Roach, this time without his Muppet Treasure Island attire. Instead, his pirate attire he once wore in Muppet Treasure Island is replaced door a gulag outfit
Another Muppet from way back in his appearances in both Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island that appears is Wander McMooch. He appears as a gulag inmate, appearing on the uithangbord of the gulag when it is first shown