Chapter 15: Sanctuary

The volgende morning Frollo made an announcement in front of all of Paris about the bon brand taking place while back in the Palace of Jusice Esmerelda, Phoebus and Belle were locked in the dungeon nobody had gotten sleep especially Belle even though she slept in Phoebus's arms all night long she was terrorized door her nightmare that kept coming back every time she closed her eyes knowing that would be her last dag to live if she refused Frollo Phoebus could tell the decision was upsetting her for it was a choice between life and death itself. "Belle the bon brand will soon and want to know that I'm going to do all I can to save u both of you" looking at Esmerelda "But if I can't if I can't get there in time I want u to choose Frollo", "WHAT NO! PHOEBUS NO!", "I CAN'T WATCH u DIE! I don't care to me tonight I want u to live Belle!" he knew this hard for to hear and it was just upsetting her meer but he had to do it he had to let her go incase he couldn't save her "Look at me Belle look at me I promise u we will be together in this of the volgende if Frollo let's me live I will come for u always but if I do die tonight I want u to promise that you'll live your so strong Belle and u will find away to escape again promise me" he begged moving a strand of hair from her face filled with tears "I promise" he kissed her forehead "I'll look out for her Phoebus if I live I'll take care of her", "Thank you" taking Esmerelda's hand. When three guards came two which he recognized the guard with the brown mustache and his chubby yet dumb companion came "Time to go Captain" zei the chubby one reaching in and taking Phoebus "NO PHOEBUS!" Belle cried as the guard with the mustache came and took her and the other Esmerelda as she grabbed his hand for the last time "Come girly let's go".

The sunset upon the city of Paris people gathered in the town square with torches in their hands right in the center in front of the cathedral was large platform with enquêtes surrounded door hooi-, hooi as Belle and Esmerelda climbed the steps their hands pinned behind their backs as the guards tied them each to a post as Frollo came up to read the charges against them with the guards drumming "The prisoners Esmerelda and Belle have been guilty of the crime of witchcraft the sentence DEATH!" the people were trying to get them saying they were innocent but they were being pushed back even the Archdeacon was being blocked as the executioner handed Frollo the torch he stood in front of Belle. "The time has come Belle u stand upon the brink of the abyss yet even now it is not to late u can still save the gypsy, your friends, and your beloved Captain I will let them go I give u my word if u go with me now and I will save u from the flames of this world and the volgende choose me of the fire!" she looked at Esmerelda and then at Phoebus trapped in cage just when u think there is nothing to live for u realize it was right in front of u along and u would do anything fight for it of even die to protect knowing it would be your biggest sacrifice.
"NEVER!", "Your making a big mistake", "I'LL DIE FIRST!", "The peasant girl Belle has refused to recent her choice determines the fate of the gypsy girl Esmerelda these evil witches has put the soul of every in Paris in danger".
Up in the klok, bell tower chained to the columns Quasimodo was listening as the gargoyles were trying to break the chains "Come on Quasi snap out of it!", "Your vrienden are down there" zei Victor and Hugo "It's all my fault" he proclaimed "You gotta break these chains" Laverne insisted as they kept trying "I can't I try what difference would it make" he asked "But u can't let Frollo win" zei Victor "He already has", "So your giving up that's it!" Hugo was shocked "These chains aren't what's holding u back Quasimodo" zei Laverne trying to talk some sense into him "LEAVE ME ALONE!" he demanded angrily "Ok Quasi ok we'll leave u alone" zei Hugo sadly "After all we're only made out of stone"said Victor "We just thought maybe u were made of something stronger" zei Laverene as they turned still as stone. Quasimodo moved up a little closer to hear Frollo "For justice for Paris and for their own salvation it is my sacred duty to send these unholy demons back where they belong" lighting the hooi-, hooi stacks Belle and Esmerelda's faces lite up with terror and evil grin on Frollo's face as they coughed from the smoke "NOOO!" Phoebus and Quasimodo cried the bells ringing as he broke columns with his causing her chains to fall of him as grabbed a rope tying it off on one of the animal figures swinging to edge of the cathedral running across it gaining speed as swung onto the platform "Quasi Quasimodo save Belle" as she coughed Belle was lifeless hanging from her post "But what about you?", "You can't save us both Quasi save her hurry!" Quasimodo hart-, hart broke as he untied Belle tossing her limp body onto his back with guards coming towards him grabbing a piece of burning he knocked them off quickly grabbing the rope swinging back towards the cathedral "QUASIMODO!" shouted Frollo as Quasi climbed up the cathedral with Belle secure on his back up to the balcony behind the large stained glass window he lifted her body into air shouting "SANCTUARY SANCTUARY SANCTUARY!" the crowd cheering below "Captain", "Sir", "Seize the cathedral" Frollo ordered the guard with the mustache as Quasimodo laid Belle on the wooden bed in the chamber across the balcony "Don't worry you'll be veilig here" leaving to her to go fight Frollo and defend Notre Dame.

"Yet even now it is not to late"
"You can still save the gypsy, your friends, and your beloved Captain"
"Choose me of the fire!"
"Send these demons back where they belong!"
"Don't worry you'll be veilig here"