disney crossover My favoriete Non/Disney Crossover Couples

yayarose posted on Nov 01, 2011 at 10:54PM
1.Tulio and Jasmine
2.Peter Pan and Ariel
3.Wilbur and Violet
4.Sinbad and Meg
5.Phoebus and Belle
6.John Rolfe and Odette
7.Kuzco and Chel
8.Derek and Anya
9.Thomas and Aurora
10.Prince Phillip and Giselle
11.Eric and Lottie
12.John Smith and Cinderella
13.Aladdin and Esmeralda
14.Miguel and Jane
15.Hiccup and Rapunzel
16.Proteus and Kida
17.Cale and Kayley
18.Anasataia Termaine and Quasi

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een jaar geleden bugbyte98 said…
I like numbers:
15 and
een jaar geleden Saphir said…
I agree with bugbyte98.
een jaar geleden yayarose said…
nice lol
een jaar geleden pretty_angel92 said…
are we supposed to tell our favorites too?
anyway, i like number 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 14 and 15
een jaar geleden yayarose said…
YAY!!!!!! u can say ur favorites also
een jaar geleden crosslove821 said…
i love 1 3 4 5 7 9 15 16 and 18
een jaar geleden MegaraRider said…
I like
1. Meg and Flynn
2. Vanessa and Gaston
3. Charlotte and John Rolfe
4. Hercules and Helga Sinclair

I also think Meg and Jim or Meg and Thomas could be cute.
een jaar geleden CaterdayGirl said…
I like 1,4,5,7,13, and 15. My number 1 favorite would be Pocahontas and Tarzan.
een jaar geleden ToLaura said…
I like:
number 2: is my fav!! I love they so much!♥
numer 3
numer 7
number 9
number 12