disney crossover Yσυ’яε Му Lιttℓε мєямαιd ღ Снαρтєя 3.

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{She’s Melody}

Ariel; Melody Are you ready?
Melody; I’m Ready. {*Crown falls off*}
Ariel; hah, sweetie.. let me help.
Eric; so, are you talking about something?
Ariel; if you help.., would you?
Eric; I’m only saying that they are waiting for you.
Ariel; ok.. you give us 2 minutes?
Eric; haha, ok. {*Eric Close The Door*}

{*In 2 minutes miraculously*}

Ariel; You look so Beautiful My Melody..
Melody; thanks mother..
Ariel; is gonna be fun, believe me.

*••.•´¯`•.•• {In The Party} ••.•´¯`•.••*

Taran; Everything is ready!
Jim; Now what's gonna happen?

{*Melody appears on the stairs*}

Jim; she’s…
Taran; Really Beautiful…

{*Jim Looks Taran*} {*Melody down the stairs*}

Prince; Hi, you wanna dance with me?
Melody; Sure, ok

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{*Melody&The Prince Dance*}


Chapter 4; link
 {She’s Melody} Ariel; Melody Are u ready? Melody; I’m Ready. {*Crown falls off*} Ariel; hah, s
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