disney crossover Yσυ’яε Му Lιttℓε мєямαιd ღ Снαρтєя 4.

Angeelous posted on Jan 19, 2012 at 07:08PM
{He’s so.. ♥} ÑAM!

{*Prince & Melody Dance*}

Jim; Taran I don’t see anything.!
Taran; look for a space!

{*Louis comes with the cake on a cart*} {*Taran pushes on jim*}

{*Jim falls & drops the cart*} {*The cart pushes the prince falls on the food*}

People; AAH!
Louis; hhmm.. {*Look at Jim*}, YOU!
Jim; Me.?
Louis; HOW YOU!?
Jim; Chef I'm sorry, it was an accident!
{*Melody look at Louis and Jim*}
Melody; Louis, what happened?
Louis; Don't worry your highness!, YOU! GET OUT, AND GO TO CLEAN OUT!
Jim; Yes.. sir. {*Jim Look at Melody and smile*} {*Melody smiles too*}


Jim; everything is the fault of taran.
**; PSS! Hey! You!
Jim; Who is..?
Melody; Hi!
Jim; Oh, your .. highness.
Melody; Please! Don't call me highness, melody is fine.
Jim; Mh. Ok melody.
Melody; So, you're the guy that caused the disaster?
Jim; No! It was a friend.
Melody; Hahah, thanks.
Jim; why?
Melody; I hate those party
Jim; serious? should be great .. you are beau…
Melody; what?!
Jim; your beautiful dress!
Melody; Ok..
{*Jim look at melody with sexy eyes*}
Melody Mind; He's so hot.
Melody; .. don’t watch me with those sexy eyes... :$
Jim; haha, what sexy eyes?
Someone; Jim..? Wow MELODY!

To Be Continued..

Who was the scream of "JIM..? WOW MELODY?".
 {He’s so.. ♥} ÑAM! {*Prince & Melody Dance*} Jim; Taran I don’t see anything.! Taran; look f

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een jaar geleden Ribon95 said…
uuhhh, their first conversation!! Love it!
een jaar geleden Angeelous said…
hahah, thanks! :)
een jaar geleden chesire said…
lol at the sexy eyes. I'm thinking it was Taran who said the last sentence. Not completely sure though. I'll just wait for the next.
een jaar geleden MrsDawson13 said…
Hahaha! Lol! Sexy eyes!