disney crossover Yσυ’яε Му Lιttℓε мєямαιd ღ Снαρтєя 6.

Angeelous posted on Jan 25, 2012 at 06:08PM
{Second Step.}

Jim; So, why you wanted that I come?
Melody; I just.. want to know more about you.
Jim mind; I bet she love me.!
Melody mind; I bet that he feels nothing for me.


Jim; so.., Do you like someone?
Melody; yes.. and.. you?
Jim; I’m asking you, who?
Melody; Someone.. I can’t tell you..
Jim; Taran..?
Melody; Could be..?
Jim; .. I?
Melody mind; уєѕ!
Melody; No.
Jim; Mmm.. well, I like a girl. But I can’t tell you who.
Melody; Who!?
Jim; I can’t tell you, If you won't tell me.
Melody; Ok, say to the three
Jim; I agree.
Melody; one...
Jim; Two..
Melody; And..
Jim/Melody; three!
Jim/Melody; Y-!
Ariel; Melody?
Melody; Ah! My mother! Get out! hide!
Jim; where!?
Melody; In my closet!!

{Melody Open the closet} {Jim Get in the closet}

{Ariel Opens the door}

Ariel; It was someone here?
Melody; ..No mother..
Ariel; Ok, Melody.. you left me complicated, with conversation yesterday about mermaids..
Jim; Mermaids.?
Melody; mom.. It doesn't matter, we can talk again tomorrow.. Now I want to sleep so.. Good Bye!

{Ariel get out the room}

{Jim get out the closet}

Jim; What does your mother said..?
Melody; nothing..
Jim; m.
Melody; you need to get out..
Jim; ok..
Melody; see you on the beach?
Jim; beach?
Melody; SEE YA!

{Melody pushes on jim} {Jim falls and fall down}

Melody; Sorry! Are you ok?
Jim; yes! e.e

 {Second Step.} Jim; So, why u wanted that I come? Melody; I just.. want to know meer about you. J

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een jaar geleden Ribon95 said…
een jaar geleden chesire said…
lol, Melody just pushed him out. I love the picture. :)
een jaar geleden Angeelous said…
Thank you :D
een jaar geleden MrsDawson13 said…
big smile
I want chapter 7 now!!!!!!!
een jaar geleden Ribon95 said…
I just think you're going to fast. They just met, and already like each other? Otherwise it's cute :)
een jaar geleden Angeelous said…
Yes I know, but that is, they go very quickly, and do not realize