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Angeelous posted on Jul 09, 2012 at 07:33PM
This is just the list of the persons that they already have an interview.

Interviews 2012.

March: chesire √
Interview link

June: sumerjoy11 √
Interview link

July: CaterdayGirl √
Interview link

August: Ribon95 √
Interview link

September: X

October: X

November: RoxStar09 √
Interview link

December: All √
Interview link


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een jaar geleden chesire said…
This is really nice of you Angeelous. ^_^
een jaar geleden Angeelous said…
reaaally? *-* ahah thank you!
een jaar geleden sumerjoy11 said…
big smile
And it's very helpful too!
een jaar geleden auroraxaurelia said…
It's nice to see who has won in the past and it is very helpful too, like sumerjoy11 said. Can't wait to see who gets interviewed for January.